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Introduction: A Wiccan Pocket Altar

I was a rather haphazard knitter, something I enjoyed, but had difficulty fitting into a very hec...

I assembled this altar to take with me when I am traveling or making a home visit to an ill member of our ritual group who has requested healing. It is contained in a case for eyeglasses.
I believe a small, highly portable altar would be useful to readers of many faiths.

This is the case packed and closed. It is 6 !/2" long, 2 3/4" wide, and 1" deep. It fits nicely into a shirt or jacket pocket.

Step 1:

This picture shows the case open and displays some of the the contents. . The small Bic lighter is for lighting a candle or cone of incense.

Step 2:

The altar cloth is an antique lace doily that belonged to my grandmother. A nice handkerchief would work, too. The altar cloth protects the ritual tools from possible dirt on the surface where the altar is set up. It also serves to delineate the working space.

Step 3:

This miniature cauldron can hold either a beeswax candle or a cone of incense. It came with a set of beeswax candles in a museum gift store. The cauldron represents spirit and regeneration.

Step 4:

Here are all the tools laid out on the altar cloth. The wand is made of holly. It is just slightly under 5" long and is the tool of fire and will. The athame is a small black handled pocket knife 2" long when closed. It is used to cast the circle and direct spiritual energy. It is the tool of air and represents thought and communication. Some Wiccans, swap the use and associations of these tools, using the wand for air and the athame for fire.

Step 5:

The cauldron is holding a candle. It can also hold cone style incense, or even a bit of essential oil. Sometimes it is left empty as a place to manifast new energy.

Step 6:

This thimble serves as a chalice. It holds a small amount of water. I use the small aventurine stone as my Goddess symbol. A fashion doll chalice might be used instead, but it wouldn't hold as much. The chalice represents the element of water and female energy.

Step 7:

This Moroccan coin is the pentacle. A star cut out of paper and glued to a poker chip would work, too. The pentacle represents the earth and the human being on it.

Step 8:

I also carry small packets of salt from fast food places for purification of the ritual space, and a couple of incense cones which are not pictured. Since these pictures were taken, I have added a small red jasper stone as a God symbol.



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    im a beginning wiccan, and im just getting all my altar materials together, this is great! thank you :D

    3 replies

    I am glad to help. Altars that can be tucked away are useful for other things besides travel. it could be an appropriate primary altar if one is in a dorm situation with a room mate who might be uncomfortable with an permanent altar set up in a shared space. It would also work if one isn't "out of the broom closet" to one's family. Best of all, These are real working tools that are quite inexpensive. Blessed Be.

    hi Mel k Davis hope you're well,1st let me congratulate you on getting over you're stroke, I made your pocket altar blessed be, my name Louie corrigan.on a different subject I wlt get to know you because I think you are a beautiful lady

    I really appreciate the value of this instructable :) also, im not "out of the broom closet" yet either, so this helps even more :D

    Blessed be

    This is very helpful

    Blessed be :)

    I love the idea of using a glasses case, most say to use an altoid tin, but I can never fit everything in there.

    Blessed be :)

    Thankk you soooo much I just sent one of these to my father in the military!!!Blessed Be

    where did you find a coin like that

    i want to thank you for creating this, im an "out" Pagan/Wiccan, I'm thinking about making some of these for my fellow pagans & also for the 1's that are in the military. they need this type of thing as they don't have a lot of space to work with especially if they are overseas and or in a "occupied" area. These would be gifts but would not turn away offerings to help defray cost. Blessed be

    That has got to be the cutest thing ever

    It's not satanic; claiming so merely reveals the ignorance hiding behind your pretention. It is also sufficiently offensive as to border on the Not Nice.

    I do remember where I got it. I found it in the gift shop of the:Denver Museum of Natural History and Science. How ever, It was 7 or 8 years ago. I didn't begin putting together my pocket altar for several years after.  I don't remember who produced the cauldron and candle set, so it might be hard to find one just like it. You might check dollhouse accessories for a miniature cauldron or dutch oven if you want to make one. Best wishes,  Mel K Davis 

    This is a really good idea! I've never been a strong ritualistic devotee but this mini altar set would be ideal for me as I like to travel.

    thats a really awesome idea, the thimble and when i saw salt packets i smiled
    really creative [=

    Hi Lemonie. If I might jump in, there is no actual "connection" between lace and Wicca - I believe the explanation lies in the author's comment "The altar cloth is an antique lace doily that belonged to my grandmother."

    In other words, it's a personal item that means a lot to her that she uses as an altar cloth. Many Wiccans like to use family items/trinkets/heirlooms on their altar as a connection with their past.