A Young Metro Trustworthy Solar Oven

A solar oven is a sun powered oven that uses the heat and UV rays of the sun to capture and retain the heat.

Step 1: The Boxes....

You will need to use two boxes, one small one and a bigger one. The small box is going to be used as the primary box for the solar box. The bigger one for the flaps as the reflectors. You can use any type of boxes, but a vertical box will be used for the design.

Step 2: The Platers

For the insulation we're going to need plastic plates to increase the heat retention and the insulation of the solar oven.

Step 3: Place It!!!!!!!!!!!

After obtaining and cutting the paper plates, wrap them in plastic silicon to help the process of retaining heat.

Use tape to hang on each side of the cardboard boxes side.

Step 4: Black Papel

After getting your box, makes sure to get a substantial amount of black paper to cover the inside of your box. This type of paper will help your box retained the heat that is brought in through the light.

Step 5: Place a Cover

After placing all the black paper inside the box and the paper plates, now you can cover the top hole of the box completely with saran wrap. This will help keep the box insulated, which in your favor will retain the heat that is needed to heat up your food.

Step 6: The Door

Next you want to make an opening to your solar oven to let whatever you need cooking in. Use a paper plate as a model to insure that your door is the right size. Only cut the left, right, and top of your door, if you cut the bottom completely off your door will fall off.

Step 7: The Reflectors

Cut the flaps of the bigger box to help create the reflectors need for the solar oven.

Use aluminum foil of any kind, and wrap the flaps on one side. Then tape the aluminum on flap to insure that it will not fall off.

Then make a small insertion on to each side of the box, big enough so that each flap can fit through. Use tape or staples to insure a stable reflector.

Step 8: Finishing Step

Now that you have your panels make your to saran wrap the side of the panels together to insure the form of the panels do not fall out.



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    2 years ago

    Very nice oven! Have you had the chance to cook anything in it yet?