A-Z Modding Guide for Nerf Night-Finder

Introduction: A-Z Modding Guide for Nerf Night-Finder

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here is a mod guide to about everything you can mod on a nerf nightfinder


night finder
Epoxy (or hot glue)
pvc pipe 1/8
hack saw
elastic band
buzz bee single shot spring
plumbers tape
lubricant (vaseline)
permanent marker

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Step 1: Take Apart the Gun

This is the easy bit, just go ahead and unscrew the gun. Don't lose any of the pieces though. Once apart uncrew the plunger system.
Don't loose the trigger catch spring. take all the parts out and lay them out.

Step 2: Easy Mods

Some easy mods that you can do are just to wrap elastic bands around the plunger and body.
another one is to remove the barrel post which is the little stick on the inside of the barrel. just grab it with pliers and twist it until
it comes off. this will allow the NF to shoot any darts; whistlers, suction cup, stefan, streamline.

Step 3: Air Restrictor Removal

there are a few ways to remove the NF's AR. The easiest way is to get the punger tube and drill through the plastic in the plunger.

Step 4: O-ring

now to replace the o rings. you can either use plumbers tape to add to the air seal or you can add more o rings or you can replace 
the stock o-ring with a bigger one.

Step 5: Pvc Barrel Replacement

to do a barrel replacement fist cut where the plunger meets the barrel. then cut out a piece of PVC to the same length. then glue it to the barrel where the stock barrel used to be. i think the PVC pie diameter was 1/8 but i'm not sure as i found it in my shed.

Step 6: Painting and Changing the Look

this is a very open ended part. just spray paint it colors you want and cut different parts off the body also. here are a few pics for ideas.

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