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Introduction: A Beer for Two Flames

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When you wish to decorate a party, or add some interesting features at pub tables, you can use empty beer bottles and a pair of flames. Follow this simple tutorial to understand what I mean.

Step 1: Cut the Bottle

With an empty beer bottle you can make much more than trash it! If you don't believe me make a fast search on instructable! Indeed you can build beautiful tables or strange lamps. In most cases you have to drink the beer and cut the empty bottle. That is not difficult... to drink the beer, cutting it is a bit more complicated!

To do that you can follow my instructable or another one on the site.

Step 2: The Lamp Plug

Find a black lamp plug. I used one for little E14 bulbs, which fits in the little bottle very well. If you had drunk a bigger beer you can use a common E27 plug.

Step 3: Connecting Wire

Connect the wire to the plug's screws, and tight them hard, since they will keep the lamp hung to the ceiling.

Step 4: Flame Bulbs

I bought some beautiful flicker flame bulbs. Those run at 120 or 220 V and consume very low current. They really appear as a flame and people will be attracted by that beautiful effect.

The only question is hot to avoid the flame in the bottle to stay upside-down... all the same it's nice to see.

Step 5: Light the Fire

Now you can hung up the beer bottle, turn on the light, and light a candle in the bottom of the bottle. In that way you have two particular gadgets from a single piece of garbage.

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    I must have missed something here, but I checked two of Andrea's 'ibles on topic and could find no video. The one you posted in your other comment is about an entirely different method, so could you post the link here?

    I used both methods, you have to be very careful with both, very patient and make it with no hurry. If you use the flame start keeping the bottle enough far from it. I didn't make any video for now.

    Hi andrea

    very good idea indeed

    Before this instructable I was cutting my bottles by hand with a lot of failure.....

    Great invention !!

    Yours Aeon Junophor

    Veeeeeeeery nice idea, I really like those candle holders!

    Beautiful! Have you also tried to invert the bulb inside the bottle (or both)? I think it would be nice to see different versions of it.
    And I love that flame bulb, I must get it sooner or later!

    ps: sbaglio o ti stai facendo fuori delle gran birre ultimamente?? haha :D (scherzo!)

    3 replies

    this guy has the art of bottle cutting to a art...


    There is a much easier, faster way to cut glass bottles... using cotton string, Acetone, flame and cold water.



    3 years ago

    If you haven't, you should look up glass cracking off, I think it's called. much easier to cut a glass bottle.

    I still don't known how to cut the glass bottle if I have no useful tools around...

    2 replies

    Sometimes, I hope I can be in your head with a pen and a notepad.

    It could be useful.


    It looks very beautiful. You could also glue the bottom back so people keep wondering how you managed to get the bulb inside. ;P

    Excellent! I love the nice, clean break you got on the bottle.

    I've been working on a project that involves cutting a large glass bottle, and I reviewed your cutting jig in the process a while ago. That's a great jig, and I may build one soon. Great work all around!