A Begginners Guide to Making Chainmaille Jewelry.




Introduction: A Begginners Guide to Making Chainmaille Jewelry.

It can be very satisfying to see a piece of amazing jewelry you made from wire to rings to jewelry.In this instructable i will teach you how to do this amazing thing.

Step 1: Whats Needed for Making Jewelry

The tools needed is readily availible at a local hardware store if you dont already have them.
1.Needlenose pliers
2.Cutting pliers (diagnol cutters)
3.Wire if you have any gauge higher than 16g it is great for jewelry
4.Your hands duh!
5.This instructable
6.A mandrel if you havent made on refer to an instructable called making a mandrel.

Step 2: Making Your Rings

This shouldnt take very long and it is self explanitary.Take your mandrel you either made or bought an coil it as much as you can trying to keep the coils as close together as you can.When your done with that cut each of them individiually.

Step 3: How to Open Your Rings

When opening your rings you want to move it up and down with the pliers not side to side.

Step 4: Learning the Byzantine Weave

This is a great looking weave that is easy to make and is a great begginners weave too.Now first put 2 open rings in 2 closed rings then another three open rings in the last 2 rings.

Step 5: Learning the Byzantine Weave Cont.

Now take the top rings and fold them down and then the rings over the ones you just folded down then there should be a little hole put your awl through that if you dont have an awl use a toothpick.

Step 6: Learning the Byzantine Weave Cont.

Now put a ring through where the awl was then put another ring through it and basically put another 2-2-2 ring set on it then repeat step 5.

Step 7: Finishing the Weave!!!!!!!!!!!

Now to finish this weave you need to repeat steps 4-6.Thankyou for reading my insrtuctable please comment and rate.Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    21 Discussions

    Nice instructions except your finished product includes mobius rosettes which you didn't mention at all. I don't know if I can post an outside link here but for those who want to learn the mobius rosettes here is a great web page:


    For beginners these rosettes appear to be made with three rings.

    just a random helpful tip...

    when you are gonna take pictures so close up with

    change the settings on the camera to the macro setting it lets you take REALLLYYY close up pictures with out them getting blurry.

    2 replies

    ok the Instructable was a real good idea but, the pictures weren't so good... (no offense) I just couldn't tell what steps 4-6 was. I'm new to this jewelry so that could be why. oh btw, where did you get the silver for the project? oh and! since you're taking macro pictures try holding the camera further away and zooming in (may require a tripod) ;)

    4 replies

    In the picture on the first slide it said that it was just typical electrical fence wire which is made out of aluminum.

    The one that was bent wrong was aluminium and one on right was silver you cvan get it at ringsandmore.com

    The best site to use is www.theringlord.com

    i order ALL my rings there and they are consistiant from batch to batch. They also have a hughe selection to choose from.

    i cant get that website to work when i tryed to use it all that came up was

    Oops! This link appears broken.
    DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found.

    could you make the 4 step more informative? Because i do not understand what to place where. Every time i try to place the ring it get's into the wrong place.

    haha sry bro i think so i was like 10 when i id this haha imma make some more instructables havin made one in a while

    Very nice, but the weaving instructions aren't very clear...and I'm not talking about the photos. Trust me, I know how hard it can be to explain something that is easy for YOU (or me), but I don't think I can follow these instructions. It could be just me (probably is!). Overall, tho, I like the way this jewelry looks. Guess I'll just have to keep at it to figure it out.

    2 replies

    www.chainmaille.org (library -> weaves -> weaves home)
    www.theringlord.com (aka TRL)

    byzantine is kinda simple - i made sum of red/silver rings for the sink chain in our kitchen. It's rather pretty to do sum beez byzee, if you want  to use that technic as base, but i actually prefer hourglass-chains, captive inverted round and the helm variant "Rondo" usin silver/brass rings.

    no i didnt rally get it either but the link given by the guy/girl b4 had good instructions that are easier and faster (by the looks of the instructions of course) so check that out it helped me figure out how to do the weave

    how do i know where to cut the wire when making the rings?? would help have a sisters bday coming she'd like this

    That is so epic! you could and should sell this! I'd Buy it ;) 

    how did you put 2 open rings in 2 closed ones, (i know stupid question...) What tool did you use? Were the pieces straight? Sorry about all the questions, I'm new to jewelry thing and I admire your work.

    1 reply

    Open rings look like the top right ring in the pic for step three. By weaving one side of the closed rings through the opening, one can get the closed rings into the open ones. Then a deft twist of the wrist and the open rings are closed. :)