Camera Strap

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Great product indeed, but 40 bucks?

I went to a local hardware shop in my hometown in The Netherlands and bought a screw wich fits a standard camera mount.

Bored a 3mm hole in the screw with the column drill, and completed my solution with a keyring and the little wheel from and old tripod.

Total price was 25 euro cents.

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    I haven't seen your comment until now Hobbs, but I took the camera to a hardware shop en found a screw that fitted the thread. Length was just right, and inch or so longer than the hole in the camara was deep, enought left to drill the hole.

    Leon Krijnen

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not sure, I took the camera to the hardware store and the guy over there found one that fits. Actually there were more than the one I used, different heads and lenghts.