Keyring 2.0 - a Better Key Ring

I always hated how bulky my keys were in my pocket. Looking at them on the table one day, I realized that part of the problem was that  a standard keyring won't let the keys twist to lay flat in your pocket. And thus my "Keyring 2.0" idea was born. After using it for a year, here are the reasons I like my Keyring 2.0:

* Even a well-loaded keyring sits fairly flat in my pocket.
* It's fast/easy to take any key off to give to someone (valet, friend, coworker, etc).
* It's easier to find a key. Hard to explain this exactly, but you can just shake the pile in your palm and they all spread out.
* I freaking hacked my KEYRING. ;-)

All you need to try this for yourself is a few dollars for a quick trip to the fishing tackle section of a local sporting goods store. Pick up a package of split rings (I got a 4-pack of #8 split rings, which are about half an inch across), and one or more packages of snap swivels (you need one swivel for each key on your ring, plus a few extras just in case). I used Size 3 "cross-lock" snap swivels because the snap was big enough to accommodate any key I've come across, and the cross-lock swivel has no wire ends sticking out to poke me. I've only seen this brand at Bimart, so your snaps and swivels will probably look a bit different - just make sure the snap is big enough to hold your fattest key and the eye of the swivels is big enough to fit around your split rings. Spin the snap swivels onto a split ring (do them all at once), then load your keys up into the snaps! Done.

A few tips:
* You could use your old keyring instead of buying a small split ring (assuming the keyring fits through the eye of the swivels). I tried that for a while but it gave my keys enough play to get tangled. A smaller split ring is better and worth an extra dollar.
* Spin all of the swivels onto the split ring in one pass (just keep loading them one after another onto the end of the ring, then push the whole group around all at once). If you try to put the swivels all the way on on one at a time it gets increasingly harder to add the next one.
* If you have several sets of keys (work, home, recreation toys, etc) that you sometimes want separate and sometimes together, just create one Keyring 2.0 for each set, and include an extra snap swivel on each ring to easily link the sets together in whatever combination you want.
* If you're into keychain ornaments/accessories, a couple of extra swivels on your Keyring 2.0 will let you quickly swap them out to accessorize whatever your activity of the day will be.

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    The crosslock swivels I used are about 1 3/8" long, but the length isn't too critical. The only size that I found to be critical was the diameter of the split ring in the middle. Too big and the swivels tangled, too small and they don't all fit on there. Several years on this remains one of my favorite little hacks and I'm still using the original one I made!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Man I miss a bimart!! We used to have one next door to our apt in NE Portland/Gresham. No bimarts in NY! BTW, nice instructable! Now if you find a great way to deal with shopper cards you'll truly be my hero!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You can also use one of the swivels to snap on to a purse strap or belt loop.

    Great idea. I would keep them on a slightly bigger ring so that I can put my finger through it for a better grip.