A Bit of Safe Cracking...

Introduction: A Bit of Safe Cracking...

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So my safe is locked, the batteries are dead and the key is somewhere on a beach about 50 miles away....

Sorry for the lack of photos, I documented this after the fact... needed my emergency cigarettes and the staple gun, also I wasn't throwing out twenty quid...

By the way this is entered in the tool tips month, don't know if it counts though, it does use tools in a different way but it's ultimately just busting in to a safe...

DISCLAIMER - I take no repsonsibility for any readers misuse of this information or any readers who hurt themselves attempting this, by reading this instructable you, the reader takes full responsibility for his/her actions.

EDIT: more photos added, I couldn't help but abuse the poor thing some more.

Step 1: Ripping It Open...

So you'll only need:

Baby flathead screwdriver

A larger flathead flathead screwdriver (about the same width as the keyhole)

A pair of pliers (you can do without)

A set of dextrous fingers... (you can learn how to have these, don't worry no opposable thumbs required...)

This should work on all cheaper safes, this one was a 5 hours fireproof, resistant to brute force and poking at through the bolt holes...

My brother forgot his code and it took me an hour of solid hammering with a 10lb sledghammer, this takes five minutes to half an hour, depending on how skillerd you are at prying...

Step 2: Remove the Faceplate...

So you need to remove the plastic faceplate.

Try kicking it from the side... that may knock it off, I eventually resorted to prying it with a screwdriver simply because mine was a bit low on the profile for kicking...

as a tip save the keypad, that way you can replace the batteries and it will still work afterwards...

Step 3: Getting Rid of the Lock...

So My idea was to rip the keylock apart and pull the mechanism with my hands, turns out that won't work but you need to remove the keylock...

So removing the keylock isn't too compicated, safety goggles are probably a good idea but not necessary if you're of a more dangerous mindset...

Take the larger screwdriver, shove it into the key hole and pry sideways, the first bit will take considerable force. Now use the little screwdriver to remove the retainer ring on the outside. Now continue this process to take the lock apart layer by layer, eventually you'll run out of lock to pry apart, at this point you'll want to knock it out, easiest way is to put the screwdriver in on top and hit it with the palm of your hand... It's only a thin retainer reing holding it and it wont matter if the lock mechanism falls inside...

Extra images now added.

Step 4: Now Opening...

So now we have a nice hole in the safe...

Take your index finger and put it in the hole pointing towards the lock (the palm of your hand should face towards the handle). Use your free hand to jiggle the lock by the handle and feel along the mechanism until you come to a pin, it should be spring loaded. Nwo push the pin in while turning the lock, if it doesn't come free then you have more pins to pop in, hold the handle to keep the first pin from going back in to place and follow along the mechanism pushing in the pins until the lock turns. Now use the hole for the lock as a handle to open the safe since the door is likely to be heavy.

Step 5: You're In!

So you're in to your safe, if the lock was any bother to undo then you may aswell keep it and replace the batteries and change the cod on the keypad... since the keypad is on the inside...

So after further investigation this safe has a fair amount of salvagable parts:

3x LEDs, red, green, yellow
Large solenoid
handy keyboard circuit and board that I may use to make a door lock...
A nice battery holder hold 4x AA's
A pretty tough lock mechanism
some nice heavyweight hinges
a thin bit of foam from the floor.
A dead lock that makes a nice prop for film projects and the like.



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    Last year, one of my friend forgot the code of hotel room safes( https://hotelsafes.com/drawer-safes/ ) . Then the hotel staff opens the safe manually using the key. Good to have the manual opening option otherwise they might need to do the same. Thank you for sharing the blog. Your blog is really good.

    I have the exact safe and also lost my keys and was not using the keypad cause it was broke, picked it in less then 5 minutes with a my homeade lockpick set

    I have the exact safe and also lost my keys and was not using the keypad cause it was broke, picked it in less then 5 minutes with a my homeade lockpick set

    That lock looks like it could've been picked in less than a few minutes.

    I like the last part of the first page. It's saying that we can still make it work again after this. I wouldn't imagine we could after you have stated how to get the faceplate off.

    O by the way Mike Tyson would just bite the lock off lol

    K nvr mind a hk91 set up 100 yard down range rite into we're the lock mech is wala your in

    I'd take it out back and empty a 12g in to it lol

    I was going to get a electronic safe, but i am not so sure about batteries, since if they burn out im screwed, And thers no way i'd remember where i put the key. what is the hinge like? is there any way to fish some wires to the base so it can be hooked up to an external power supply?

    3 replies

    Sure, depending on the batteries it takes, most of them are four D or AA cells, so 6V power supply run the cable in to one of the bolt holes and wire it up. Be warned that if you removed the power supply you'd be locked out.

    Aye, just power outages etc. though a set of rechargeables hooked up to a charger powering the safe would save you the worries.

    Thats a fun idea but I do not think it would be a good idea. Think about how hot thermite burns now think about the contents of the safe. Maybe if you could control it and just hit the hinge or something but chances are you might melt or at least partial destroy the contents of the safe if you did that.

    The mythbusters tried something similar to opening a safe with thermite, they used a welding tool instead, and then water to blast open the door, ( look the episode up for more details, it was a relocker safe) point is, the air inside got so hot all the play money and jewels melted and burned to ash.

    ya i have seen that episode the got it from a movie but if it were real diamonds they wouldnt melt but the paper would burn but the paper would prob be in a metal box in the safe

    Right but I am not talking about what would happen to the safe. If you had something in it that you want or even be able to tell what it was the thermite would have destroyed it. Plastic, paper, fabric, maybe some metal any of it in the safe would prob be destroyed while trying to open it with thermite.