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Introduction: A Cardboard Bedside Lamp and Stand

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This is my cardboard take on a formal bedside lamp and stand.

For the lamp we will need, a small clip bulb (available on Christmas decoration aisle), the cardboard pipe inside used up toilet paper rolls  4 , thermocole, glue, tape, paper towels, accessories of choice  I picked a spherical knit shape (for one dollar) and a few pine cones.

For the stand, we need 3 cardboard pipes from used gift wrapper rolls, thermocol, glue and paint.

Step 1: The Base of the Lamp

First step is to cut out the shape for the lamp. I cut out a circle on thermocole using a plate. Place one cardboard pipe at approximate center of the circle and draw the outline of the base of the pipe using a marker. Using a small knife, pierce holes along this circle. We are going to push the pipe a little into the thermocole later. If you see the picture in the step, you can notice that the central pipe is dug into the base. For the wire, we have to cut a small opening.

Place the other 3 pipes approximately equally spaced from each other to form a circle around the central one. The three pipes along the circle must be slightly elevated than the one at the center. Place small thermocole platforms for these three and glue to the base circle. Then tape the pipes on this platform.

In the pipe picked to be the central one, insert the bulb from inside and tape it on if needed. Now, pour drops of glue into the holes pierced in the circle we made for the central pipe in the first step. And then just gently push the pipe fitted with the bulb into position.

Step 2: Decorations Inside the Lamp

Place half of the knit shape sphere on the bulb. I also used the pine cones here.

Step 3: Top of the Lamp

Cut out a circle using the same plate (that was used for the base) in a piece of cardboard and close the lamp. Use paper towel to gently wrap around the cardboard roll pillars and close over the top cardboard.

Step 4: Decorations Outside the Lamp

Thats it. Use colored paper and other embellishments to finish it up. You might be wondering why the pine cones are not showing up in the pictures. That is because I had taken them out to dust them and then I forgot to put them back. Yes, quite the bird brain I am! But I did use a smaller one to decorate the lamp on the outside later.

Step 5: What Does It Look Like?

This is what the lit up lamp looks like. I know it would have looked better with the cones or something else inside, casting the nice shadows. You can also chose to paint the paper towel.

Step 6: The Stand

The stand  pretty simple. When I had made the temple, I had bought 3 rolls of gift wrapper and the cardboard pipes were still lying around. So, I cut out 2 circles on thermocole. Placed the pipes on an approximate circle and marked their positions (traced out circles of the base). Using a small knife, I pierced holes along the perimeter of the circle. I had to do the same thing on the other thermocole circle too. To ease up the process, I traced this plan on a paper towel and then used it to copy on the plan to the other circle.

Step 7: Taking Shape

The idea was to gently push the pipes into one thermocole circle and then push the other end of the pipes into another to act as the top. I poured glue into the cut circles and gently pushed the pipes into position. Ofcourse, I painted the pipes before doing this.

Step 8: Finish It Up

Then I painted the base, the top, pasted a colored pattern paper on top and added some accessories to finish it up.

Step 9: More Ideas

I have made a formal lamp and stand. But you can always spice things up by using colorful LEDs instead of a single bulb, floral patterns, spray paint etc to give them a festive or disco look. Another simple idea is to use water bottles. It looks really pretty and with the right colors and accessories it can look awesome prettier.

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