A Cheap Guitar Capo


Introduction: A Cheap Guitar Capo

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This is my 2nd Instructable for a cheap guitar capo which would cost less than 3$...

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Materials Needed
The materials needed can be easily available at your home or stationary shop...
1. A marker/pen
2. A rubberband

Step 2: Assembling

1.Take the Guitar and place the marker/pen on the suitable fret..
2. Insert a rubberband on one side of the marker/pen as shown in pic 3
3.Take the free end of rubberband and insert into the other side of marker/pen from the back of fret board
4. Wind the rubber around the sides so that the marker/pen tightly press the strings
5. Enjoy playing the guitar with new,cheap capo



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    thankx very much
    I hope i could help you in futute tooo :-))