A Complete Guide on How to Safe Crack :) From Nothing, to Everything!

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Ever wanted to learn how to crack a safe? No? This book is still for you!

These 25 pages will get you from not knowing a thing about safe locks to cracking your very first one! No need for a big expensive safe, all you need is the lock!

EDIT: The google drive link doesn't work anymore :( the pdf file still does though. I just published a revised edition with tons of extra information added available here: https://www.createspace.com/4726331 for $15

Step 1: What You'll Learn

You'll learn everything to get you through your first manipulation! There are great explanatory images of the inner workings with labels to help guide you through to understanding all about these locks. Can you tell me what all the colored parts in the picture are? You'll be able to once you get only a few pages in! Short, concise, and to the point! I don't add extra unneeded fluff.



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