A Delicious Thumb Drive




How to Immortalize a delicious beverage cup by making it into a USB Thumb drive.

This was inspired by larskflem's instructable How to make a USB thumb drive gift more memorable.

Its also very very low cost (except for the drive itself)

The purpose of this being that no one will ever know that you are secretly transferring data, under the cover of a popular drink. Spies need these things, I should be M.

Duh nun na nun na.... (MI theme)

Anyway its a good gift if you make it a personal thing and it only took me like 5 minutes. So without further ado....

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Step 1: Suplies

Your going to need a few things to get started, but overall this is a very simple project.

1. Cup, pick one that looks nice or has a relevance and fits your USB drive. I chose mine because my mom loves Starbucks.

2. Ruler.

3. USB drive, smaller = better.

4. Pen or pencil for marking.

5. Hot glue gun/ extra glue.

6. A laptop. A desktop could work but this is intended to look inconspicuous so a laptop is probably better.

Step 2: Mesure Twice, Cut Once.

So first measure the distance from the ground to the top of the USB port on you lap top.

Next measure that distance and mark it on your cup.

Third, look at the two together and check to make sure it looks right, as you can see it took me a few tries.

Fourth, using the line on your cup as a guide mark a USB shaped hole in the cup with your drive.

Last, cut the rectangle out, I used an exacto knife and some scissors (I didn't put them in the supplies, sue me).

I took pictures of virtually everything so look down.

PS. Its better to cut lower on the cup than higher if your not sure, it will float a bit of the table but as long as its not too much no one should notice.

Step 3: Make Sure It Fits, and Then Glue That Bad Boy.

Make sure your drive fits, and that its at the right level, you can easily make the cut a little lower, higher is manageable too if you use the hot glue well.

Then, stick it in and glue the front and back onto the inside of the cup. I used a ton of glue, you probably don't need that much.

PS. i glued the outside some too, big mistake. I had to scrape it all off for it to fit inside, and it holds up just fine from the inside.

Step 4: Thats a Wrap.

Put it in the drive, see if it works, make sure to rename it something nicer, I decided to be original and use "Starbucks".

Step 5: Post Script.

I want to fill it up with something that mimics a liquid to make it feel full, I'm thinking maybe plaster but it might be too heavy, possibly hot glue it all the way up? Any suggestions would be helpful.

I would suggest using a more personal cup to you, and post any pictures of your finished products.

PPS If anyone was wondering this is a Christmas present for my mom...so thats why its all Christmasy

PPPS First instructable, comments on improving it appreciated.

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    28 Discussions


    9 years ago on Step 1

    Your socks are outside in? JK. Anyway awesome instructable.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I was considering doing that, but I figured if I was going to bother I would get a nicer cup and some epoxy


    10 years ago on Introduction

    your socks are inside out. but anyhow, maybe you could do this with a nice cup? idk like one of those plastic ones, that are sorta durable and fill up the bottom with epoxy? so its a cup and a flash drive? you'd need to save the hard drive cap tho, or else it might get wet. . . hmmm this is interesting. . . i might do this


    11 years ago on Introduction

    this is a really cool idea - I might have to do this when I get my laptop. you should also try putting in epoxy so that the cup is filled with it to just over the drive, so you could actually put liquid in there and drink from it, but without my first idea you could put your laptop near the edge of a table and have a magical floating cup! lol


    hey, kind of a change to do with this:
    line the cup with foil, and instad of a memory stick, use a USB Wifi stick.
    ... youd have to be able to aim it with one of those USB Turny thingies to aim it.

    (hint hint hint)


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Haha if your a spy you might consider installing a usb powered camera (do they make suck things? they should) =D


    well good idea but in my opinion, this defeats the reason for having a small thumb drive...? .. if you want to go that big, why dont you just put a HDD in it...? (yes you can find small hdds that will fit..)

    4 replies

    The point wasn't really practicality, thats why I used a small 512 mb drive instead of wasting a 2 gig one. It was simply to look cool.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    in response to your request for an idea get a resin mix and a brown resin dye, measure the inside diameter at the height you want the liquid to appear and make a mold or just use another cup as a mold and make a brown resin disk and glue it in the cup to make it appear as if it had coffee in it. nice instructable for all those cyber-cafe' goer but I still think it is a bit too big for a flash drive housing for my taste.

    1 reply