A Easy Dagger




I got bored......

Step 1: Stuff

1 a unsharpened dowel (small)
2. A sharpened dowel (small 2 sides)
3 Scissors
4 A LOT of paperclips
5 Hot glue gun

DISCLAIMER!!! Im not responsible for what you do with this weapon. USE COMMON SENSE

Step 2: Making It

Hot glue it like this......

Step 3: Final Step

Use paperclips and hot glue or tape for a handle, sharpen the tip and your done!!



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    No offense, but sticking two barely sharpened chopsticks together with hot glue doesn't make it a weapon. This dagger can't cut, and maybe ( verrrryyyyyyy rarely ) you will get a stab, but it will simply broke when you pull it out. If you meant to use this as a smaller sized-bokken, this is not sturdy enough. And sticking paper clips on a side of the chopstick doesn't make it a handle, it'll only make it harder to wield the dagger. For a beginner's handle, try wrapping it around duct tape, electrical tape, cloth, cord, or leather, something that will actually give you a better grip rather than hurting yourself.

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