A Electric Game

Introduction: A Electric Game

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To make an electric game is fairly easy. To make it you will need these materials.

1. Battery
2. led
3. battery compartment with switch
4. wires
5. aluminum foil

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Step 1:

the first step is to cut the foil into four parts.

Step 2:

Next make a finger hole in each one.

Step 3:

Next take the batteries and battery compartment and put the batteries in. Put the foil as shown.

Step 4:

Next put the wire that is not touching through the hole in the foil.

Step 5:

The game idea is to get the wire through the hole without touching the foil. If the wire does then the led turns on indicating you gained no points. I would only do this game when I am super bored but it is fun to make. Please like follow and fav.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could rearrange this so that you hold the foil and have to get it to one end of the wire without touching it. If you touched it an LED would come on. You could also have a piece of metal you need to touch


    6 years ago

    kind of like the game operation