A Failed Attempt at a K'nex Sydney Sleeper




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This is my most recent K'nex build, being an attempt at the Sydney Sleeper from Team Fortress 2.
It's a failed attempt, because of the following things:
- Slightly flimsy near the handle area. Everything is strong enough, except the part above the trigger.
- Too small
- Doesn't look like the 'real' one that much.

It has the normal model functions:
- Moving trigger
- Moving bolt thingy
- Removable magazine. In this case, the air cylinder above the handle and stock.

Some info about the TF2 version:
The Sydney Sleeper is a primary weapon for the Sniper class. It has a higher charge rate when zoomed in than the stock sniper rifle. When it's charged for 50% or more, any shots fired will have a Jarate effect on enemies. This lasts for about 8 seconds, and every hit on that enemy will be mini crits.
The S. Sleeper can't get headshots. Normally, headshots will result in critical hits (3 times the damage done). For classes with more health, you need to rely more on your team (for assists), or quickly fire another shot.
IMO, the Sydney Sleeper is one of the best looking weapons in the game. My version doesn't do it justice, because it looks off. It's pretty comfortable, though. So, that's something I guess.

Tell me what you think of it.



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