A Fine and Warm Pair of Slippers From a Woolen Blanket





Introduction: A Fine and Warm Pair of Slippers From a Woolen Blanket

About: I'm a swiss guy, living in germany. I used to be a teacher, became a theatrical propsmaker, now I'm becoming a teacher again. I love hacking, altering, improving and of course building things!

My old slippers fell apart, so I needed to get some new ones. But since I had some left over materials from older projects, i decided to sew my own...  

pieces of a woolen blanket, some leftovers from a gym-matress and some pieces of camouflage canvas
a sewing machine
piece of cardboard
paper, edding, chalk

Step 1: Outline the Pieces

 Outline the needed pieces (sole and upper part) on paper, make them symmetric and cut them out. For the sole I planned to make two pieces to create an overlap to be able to turn the whole thing inside out after sewing.

Step 2: Cut!

Place the paper on the fabric and copy all parts with edding or chalk onto the materials. After that: cut!
For the upper part of the slipper I took the fabric double to get fold as the edge.

Step 3: Pin and Sew!

 Figure out how to pin everything together and then sew!

Step 4: Turn It!

 Turn the whole thing inside out (or should I better say inside in, or maybe outside out...?)
The piece of cardboard helps a lot to fill in the inner-sole (wich I cut out of an old gym-matress)

Step 5: Wear Them! :-)


Step 6: Bonus Track - Valentines Day Special Edition

My girlfriend liked my slippers very much and asked for a pair for herself. So I decided to make her a pair for valentines day… :-)
I made also some adjustments: the overlap is now bigger (about 5cm instead of 2cm), the sole is not in camouflage (my girlfriend prefers green) and the shape of the sole is a bit different.



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    4 Discussions

    Great idea.

    This blanket looks like a Swiss army one. Not of my best memories... Now, stepping on, this is something I have to try! ;-)

    1 reply

     Yes, it's swiss army :-) My memories are not that bad. I served as a cyclist... But putting away the feelings for idea of military: the materials the have are great!

     It's really easy. It took about one hour from idea to finished slippers...