A Floor Lamp Made With a Mic Stand

Introduction: A Floor Lamp Made With a Mic Stand

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We had a very simple idea: put a lamp within a microphone!

The lamp should be small, so what is best than a LED!?
We used http://www.ikea.com/it/it/catalog/products/10237257/
and a very cheap microphone.

The result was much more nice than we expected!

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Step 1: Empty the Microphone

The first step is to empty the microphone.
We advise you to use a very cheap dynamic microphone.

We used a used AKG one, bought for about 15 euros.
Usually the cap can be screw off.

Step 2: Disassemble the JANSJÖ

Next is to disassemble the JANSJÖ lamp, and cut its wires.
You have to keep the led holder intact, it will be useful.

Step 3: Join Mic and Lamp

Now you have to join the mic and the lamp.
We used some strong glue to fix the lamp holder to the mic.

Step 4: Soldering, Sweet Soldering

Now you have to solder back the wires you previously cut.

I suggest you to try out the lamp ;) during this step.

Step 5: Make the Wire Black

The electric wire of the JANSJÖ was white, and so it is the switch.
We put some black sheath on it and changed the switch with a black one.

The last step was to place mic on the stand.

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