A Flower Pot of Light

Introduction: A Flower Pot of Light

About: I'm a guy from Hungary. Musician, amateur astronomer, DIY-fan, airplane-fan, etc. My hobbies are important for me. In my home country the DIY-concept is an old tradition, so I became a fan in my early years.

Here's a very small project. Make a small mood lamp using a christmas lightbulb, a small flowerpot, a slice of a wooden block, some wire and a wall plug adaptor. The project is very quick and easy, I finished it for a half an hour. This small lamp can be used as a standing lamp (on normal position of the pot), or upsidedown (in hanging 'spotlamp' mode).

(I'm sorry, there was only a 3 megapixels phone around me when made this project, so that my pictures are poor enough...)

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

What you need for it:

a butt or some wooden block slice

a small flowerpot (with a bigger one you may build even a normal lamp with similar method, I'm also planning an 'ible' for it).

an xmas bulb (12 V)

an old adaptor. (6-9 V, AC or DC - both of them are useable)

a spare PC-wire for the mainboard originally to connect a front indicator led, or switch, with a small female plug on its end (2 wires and a 2 poles plug is enough).

And some tools:

saw, drill, glue gun and perhaps a soldering iron (I have one, so I used it, but only a massive the wire wrapping is enough).

Step 2: And How to Make It?

Cut a slice the wooden block (or butt), and drill a hole where you want to place the pot.
Put the wire up with its plug (which originally was plugged on the two pins somewhere on the mainboard) into the hole, and fix it using a glue gun. Then take the flower pot (there must be a small hole on its bottom, if not, you should drill it), and fix it, arranging the holes centrally on each other on the block, so you get a simple pot on an underside, with one co-axial hole.
Now carefully pull off the small plastic piece from the christmas bulb to free the two naked electrodes of it - these will be connected into the glued mainboard-plug. Connect them firmly, and finally connect the adaptor (I cut the plug from it, and soldered the wires, and at the end glued the connections onto the backside of the wooden butt slice.)
If you want to stand the lamp, you are ready now, to hang it, you should drill an other hole on the butt slice to fasten the lamp on a horizontal surface upsidedown.
And that's all. The light of this small mood lamp seems to it is filled with warm light, and, when using it on a shelf, the direction of the light has some multidirectional feeling - as if the light would flow out from the pot.
On hanged mode the lamp is a simple dim spot lamp. Recommended to enlighten corners or shelves.

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    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, but I'm sorry, when you sent your comment (6 minutes ago) this project wasn't totally ready; I found some things to fix them, - I've arranged the text and commented some images - pls, read it again, if you want.
    And thank you very much for the quick comment:-)