A Free, Fast, Easy and Efficient Propeller (Una Hélice Gratis, Rápida...)




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I needed to place a small air extractor in the bathroom.

I had two or three low-power engine, but the propeller was attached to one of them was not good. Other of them it is too low power.

(Yo necesitaba colocar un pequeño extractor de aire en el baño. Tenía dos o tres motorcitos eléctricos de baja potencia, pero la hélice de uno de ellos no estaba en buen estado, y uno de los motores era demasiado chico.)

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Step 1: Scavenging Among the Saved Stuff (rebuscando Entre Mis Cosas)

I found three small 220V electric motors and a plastic empty bottle of sweetener (I even keep those things).

I chose the motor from the photo. It cames from an old old old grammophone (16, 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm).

Encontré tres motorcitos eléctricos de 220 volts y una botella vacía de endulzante (yo guardo incluso esas cosas). Elegí el motor de la foto. Proviene de un viejo, viejo, viejo tocadiscos (16, 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm)).

Step 2: To Work

I cut the plastic bottle at half height. That gave me some leeway to make corrections later.

(Corté la botella plástica a media altura. Eso me dio cierto margen para hacer correcciones posteriores)

Step 3: The Only Difficult (ma Non Troppo) Part.

(La única parte difícil, ma non troppo).

With a lighter (or so) you must blandish slightly the plastic at the bottle's "shoulder". Then, fold each blade 90 degrees outward.

(Con un encendedor (o algo así), hay que ablandar ligeramente el plástico en el "hombro" de la botella. Luego, doblar cada hoja 90 grados hacia afuera.)

Step 4: We Have Not Finished (No Hemos Terminado)

This propeller will be too turbulent and inefficient. Fortunately this is easy to fix: There with the scissors to cut a straight line that goes from the middle of the end of each blade until the beginning of the trailing edge.

(Esta hélice va a ser demasiado turbulenta e ineficaz. Afortunadamente eso se arregla fácil: con las tijeras hay que cortar una línea recta que vaya desde la mitad del extremo de cada hoja hasta el inicio del borde de fuga.)

Step 5: Another Little Step (otro Pasito)

It would be truly miraculous that after the work we have done by hand, the four sheets have been exactly the same length. With the propeller attached to the motor shaft, place this vertically and turning it by hand we leaning any element to see what is the longest of the four blades. With the scissors shortened it an millimeter or two and repeat the procedure until all four are equal.

(Sería realmente milagroso que luego del trabajo que hemos hecho a mano, las cuatro hojas hubieran quedado exactamente del mismo largo. Con la hélice fijada al eje del motor, ponemos este vertical y haciéndolo girar a mano arrimamos cualquier elemento que sirva para ver cuál es la más larga de las cuatro hojas. Con la tijera la acortamos un milímetro o dos y reiteramos el procedimiento hasta que las cuatro queden iguales).

Step 6: I Changed My Idea About the Motor (Cambié De Idea Acerca Del Motor)

This motor is smaller. It will be a better option.

(Este motor es más pequeño. Será una mejor opción.)

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    In this case the shaft diameter was a bit smaller than the neck of the bottle, then I used only some turns of adhesive tape. You can use a cork, rubber, epoxy putty, wood, etc, depending on the force the motor will do.

    Thanks for asking.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi inventivefiend,
    It seems you are only a talker without any Instructables to your credit.
    What Rimar has done without knowing English is far more worth than your worthless comments.
    Let;s see you write in Spanish, as he does in English.
    It is better to encourage someone than to criticize.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    You've misinterpreted my comment as being critical, when it was not. I am, instead sympathetic to those who must rely on online translators, and only intended to be helpful. Y, tambien, yo puedo escribir en español, sin traductor computerizado. Mi gramatica no es tan bueno, pero creo que estoy entendible. Pr 26:17 "Like one who seizes a dog by the ears is a passer-by who meddles in a quarrel not his own."


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry for misinterpreting.
    But how does someone know that an online translators stink, when he does not know the language, or understands it?

    Thanks, I agree with you, but, what can I do? Maybe "blandish" is a less usual word, but it exists. Google Translator translates it as "ablandar", among others. That is that I want mean. It is not bad enlarge the vocabulary.

    Once I wanted to tell mi novia that I have many hobbies. Instead of pasatiempos, (passtimes), the computer chose manias, (bad habits). AY! They are a 'necessary evil'. Todavia estoy aprendiendo.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Rimar,
    You have done a fabulous job, Keep it up.
    Do not waste your time in replying to worthless comments, like the one below.
    I have used PET bottles for many other things but this one is marvelous.
    What if there are some small English mistakes in translation, It's no big deal.
    Thanks for this great idea.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Didn't have checked your own instructables, they are like a little gold mine. Thanks for sharing! I always admire the way to do the more with the less. No habia checado sus demas instructables, son como minitas de oro (bueno, de ingenio para ser mas preciso). Siempre admiro cuando se logra lo mas con lo menos. Gracias por compartir!

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, very much. I don't have time to do as many Instructables as I wanted. Hopefully, this year jubilee me, and I will have much longer and much less money ;) (No tengo tiempo para hacer tantos instructables como quisiera. Con suerte, este año me jubilaré, y tendré mucho más tiempo y mucho menos dinero ;) )


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No, no vibra absolutamente nada. Claro, es muy liviana, no creo que supere los 10 gramos. Lo interesante de este método es que es escalable, desde el momento que existen botellas muy chiquitas y muy grandes. Además, en este caso se puede prescindir de la protección para el usuario al usarla como ventilador de escritorio. No, it does not vibrate at all. Sure, it's very lightweight, I think that no more than 10 grams. The interesting thing about this method is that it is scalable, from the fact that there are very small bottles and larger. Moreover, in this case you can dispense with the protection for the user to use it as a desk fan.