A Fun, Harmless, and Easy Prank to Pull Off on Someones Computer!

This Instructable shows you how to create a infinite boot loop on your friends computer. Sound complicated? Far from it!!

Step 1: Where to Start and What You Will Need....

Start at a friend or enemies computer.
You will need: a friend or enemies computer. Now. What to do....

Step 2: What to Do...

Go to their desktop. Right click and select create new. Select Shortcut.

Step 3: What to Do Number 2!

Now, when it asks you to name the location of the shortcut, type " shutdown -r -t 10 -c "Your Message Here" " Remember to type your message instead of your message here. You can avoid using this by deleting -c.

Step 4: What to Do Number 3!

Now click next and name it Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or whatever icons name that they click and use a lot. Finish it then go to it and right click. Select properties and go to the Shortcut tab. Then click select icon. Choose the Internet Explorer icon (should be at the back if your using XP). Apply it and there you have it. Once the victim clicks this, their computer will repeatedly restart. Warning!: Their computer will keep restarting and will not stop. I repeat, WILL NOT STOP. To end this, when their (or yours if you wanted to see if this worked) computer starts up, press F3 or F2 (I forget which) and enter using Safe mode. Once in safe mode, delete the shortcut. Then its done. And if you only want to shutdown their computer only once, replace -r with -s. It will shut down their computer every time they click it, without the restart.

Thanks for reading this, AND HAVE A FUN TIME PRANKING!!



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    5 years ago

    I did it to my brother and to get back at me he did the same