A Game Hidden in Your Computer!


Introduction: A Game Hidden in Your Computer!

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In this instructable I"ll show you how to find a game in your computer!NOTE:Sorry about the bad quality pictures-I used my webcam.NOTE: This thing only works on Windows XP.

Step 1: Open

First open up My Computer.Then click on the C:/ drive.(If you don't have My Computer as your shortcut, click Start,the My Computer.)

Step 2: Program Files

Open up Program Files.Scroll down to the bottom and find Windows NT.Click on it.

Step 3: Pinball

On windows nt,click on pinball.

Step 4: Final Step

On their, ther are lots of files.Click on the one that says Pinball with a black ball beside it.

Step 5: Play!

Play as long as you can!



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    Damn our killjoy IT service, they got there first and emptied the folder :(

    No offense, but have you ever wondered what the "print screen" button does? If you ever thought that it took screenshots you were right.

    type "hidden test" exactly like i put it then press enter click and hold the ball follows your mouse!!!!

    4 replies

    and even press y to turn the title into a frame rati in fps

    and m for your hard drive's memory in megabytes!