A Game With 2 Caps- Caplini

Introduction: A Game With 2 Caps- Caplini

I was with my son at the park. We were eating lunch at a cafe and we were talking.
We were drinking out of two water bottles, and I decided to put them to the trash when we were done but
my son proposed to make a game out of those bottles.
He used the two caps on the bottle and used them to make the game.
I decided to play the game with him, and we had a blast!
Many other people joined the game and it was very fun.
We called this game Caplini, a game that can be played with only two caps.

This is a very eco friendly project, considering that it uses plastic bottle caps.
It also displays how much fun kids could make out of just two bottle caps.

The rules of Caplini is simple.
Out of the two caps, place one on the other end of a smooth surface.
The main point of the game is to hit the other cap by flicking a cap towards it.
When using your hands to aim, you get two points.
When using no hands, you get three points.
Hit multiple times and you can get a streak. Streaks could last three times.
Who ever wins the most times out of a three rounds win!

For better visual rules, look at this video;

Hope you enjoy!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is awesome! I love those skill games which are playable with the most simple things that we would have dropped into garbage. Bottle caps, cardboard boxes, or even a plastic bag. Please, look at my subbuteo like button soccer game, if you want - it's similar:-) (https://www.instructables.com/id/Table-soccer-game-with-bottle-caps/)

    Good playtime!