A Good,safe CD Holder.Cheap Also!!



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A safe,good CD holder.Cheap also!!This is my first instructable so it might be crappy. (NOTE:new pics added to this........so the pics are way newer than this instructable.)

Step 1: Stuff

The stuff you will need..tape, paper, CD's, and marker.

Step 2: Objects You Need for This:old Regular White Paper and Some Tape.

Fold it hamburger style...

Step 3: Fold

Fold it at the bottom like so...

Step 4: Fold

fold a tiny tiny fold....

Step 5: Add Your Cd's and Your Done!!!

Add your CD's ,use your sharpie, fold it and tape it and give it to a friend!



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    10 years ago on Introduction

    This does get scratched, from the cds, rubbing together, Possibly make different 'compartments' for the cds.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    sorry but this is a real crap idea the only thing it will stop is a cd from getting scratched and that is very limited protection. It is easier to just buy some cd envelopes

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i actually think its a great idea, i do that all the time when i need to just give someone a cd but i dont have a case around, it is very limited protection but atleast it wont get scratched