A Guide to Jailbreaking

What this is about
I've noticed that there are millions of Instructables on how to jailbreak your ipod, but none on what to do next. I know many people who are dimly aware that you can get free apps from it and pay someone nerdier than them to jailbreak it, then have no idea what to do.
this instructable is a to show you what to do.

Step 1:

If you have jailbroken already skip this step

I wont go into detail on jailbreaking your ipod because ive already said i wont but this is just a quick list of what programs to use if your not sure. check what firmware your ipod is running first (in settings/general/about), then find it below

2.2.1 Quickpwn
3.0 purplera1n (but only for 3gs)
3.1.2 Pwnage Tool (mac only and can cause problems)
          Blackra1n (no problems but tethered in some 3gs models)
3.1.3redsn0w (not 3gs)
         Spirit (ipad aswell)

these are in basic order of awesomeness, spirit being the best and quickpwn being virtually obsolete.For all of them just google it, download  it and click the JAILBREAK button.

Step 2:

What does this all do?
when you jailbreak your ipod it will probably look no different at first. if you look you will find a new app called cydia (if its not there its probably because all your pages are full, send me a comment and ill tell you how to fix)cydia is basically the same in layout as the app store so its easy to use, butthis is not where the free apps come from cydia does not give  away paid apps for free, But there are cydia apps that do.
Now before we start this is illegal "and i would never ever want anyone to commit any small act against the law even if it will save enourmous amounts of money and free your ipod from the evil grip of a certain corporation with a fruit based name which i will not mention for fear of death". Now thats over with here are the apps you need

1) Installous: this gets any app from the app store absolutely free, plus some that werent allowed on the app store for being illegal or just too awesome for said fruit named corporation to handle. to get installous you must add the hackulo repository to cydia. open cydia and click manage at the bottom. click sources then edit in the top right corner. when you see the red - things pop up press add in the top left corner. type in the box http://cydia.hackulo.us then add source. thats it added, now go to search and search installous, download it and your done

Step 3:

2)Winterboard: this app lets you cutomize and personalize your ipod by downloading themes from cydia, i would recomend picnic, a new metaphor and disguise lockscreen.

3)mx tube: like i woopie this lets you downloads youtube videos to your ipod, but it is so much better than i woopie. No need to add sources here, just search and download.

Step 4:

4)mewseek: this app alows you to download music for free and unlike any other free music app add it to your ipod music library. unfortunately you can only add 15 songs to your ipod music library before it asks you to upgrade :-( but there is a way to get unlimited songs free
you will need to add the xsellize source to cydia, which itself is worthy of a whole instructable. sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt so heres a video to show how (not mine)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BArzaWstMCE you will need to add the members repo.

and that concludes my guide to jailbreaking feel free to ask me anything unless its about adding the xsellize source, or where babies come from, or the origin of life, or if aliens exist...



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    in that case you probably have the wrong exsellize source, as i said its a mightmare to add, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. check that under the source on the manage sources screen it says members repo not xsellize repo.