A Handheld One Inch Button Template - I Made It at TechShop San Jose

Introduction: A Handheld One Inch Button Template - I Made It at TechShop San Jose

I like to make one inch buttons for friends and strangers, but oft times, folks will size the images incorrectly and their buttons look like....Well lets just say that I prefer to work with an image that will look like it is designed to fit a one inch button.
It then occurred to me that giving them a button to hold their art up to wouldn't work, due to the fact that a good part of the button doesn't show and it is hard to judge what part of the image will wrap around the edge, so after scouring the web for one inch button templates I've combined the best of my favorites and made a transparent guide that folks can hold up to a printout to see if they've sized their art correctly, it even indicates where text would go if you wanted it along the edge.

Step 1: And the Self Promotion Continues

I cut and etched these on a 60 Watt Epilog Laser at the San Jose Tech Shop.
I used one quarter inch acrylic, my raster settings; speed at sixty, power at thirty.
My vector settings; speed of seventeen, power at ninety, and frequency at five thousand

I then attached a sample button with a zipper pull insert to entice folks to order buttons, for barter, trade, or occasionally twenty five bucks.

This is the fifth of six(or more) Instructables to be posted as part of the San Jose TechShop's 1st Quarter 2013 Resident Artist Program.

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