A Healthier Toilet at Home

Introduction: A Healthier Toilet at Home

In this story you will learn something you have never heard before. It is about the very basic bodily functions we exercise every day - eating and elimination. Eating - ok, you are very careful what you eat. You read books, watch TV shows on healthy nutrition, eat organic or vegetarian. But how about elimination? I know what you say - there is nothing to talk about, it is a simple body process. And, probably, like most people, you feel unconfortable talking about it. Well, what if I tell you that you've been doing it wrong from the very begining? Do not believe me? Well, take the time to read this and understand what I mean. And, please, before you start reading, consider it might be true. I myself healed a life long constipation and hemmoroids just by switching to the proper squat elimination position nature designed us for. The results were so positive that I started a website dedicated to educate people about the benefits of natural squatting for elimination. Believe it or not, through the years I've had many feedbacks from people who recovered from "uncurable" crohn disease, hemmoroids and other toilet related ailments after they followed my advice and switched to squat toilet at home.

So this is what I am going to share with you now. I will show you how you can convert yours too.

Step 1: Here's How the Step Board Looks Like

This is basically the step board. I cut it from a piece of playwood I found near a construction site - they use them for making the shuttering. On the second picture you see it from below - the front legs support it, the rest lies on the toilet. The small blocks on the back keep it from moving back and forth. On the tip of the legs I put some rubber.

Step 2: Here It Is Mounted on the Toilet

Here is how it looks when mounted on the toilet. The front is supported by two wooden legs ( which are hold with 3 screws) and the back is supported by two blocks . The rest lies on top of the toilet.

Step 3: The Receptacle

You might wonder what the small hole is used for. Well, a receptacle in the form of semi-funnel goes there. It is made of cut in half mineral water contaner (just like this one). Did you guess what role it plays?

Step 4: The Japanese Wisdom

Well... Can you imagine that Japanese, undoubtedly the most advanced, modern and longest living nation on Earth still use squat toilets, just like they did thousands of years ago. They have the wisdom to keep traditions that were trusted through the centuries and have shown great benefits to human health. One of the destinctive feature of their toilet is that they allow men to pee in squat position. A recent finding confirm what they knew for centuries - that Urinating in Squatting Posture is Healthier for Men. It makes sens to me, because my son always pee and poo at the same time, so I incorporated this feature in my design.


Step 5: And to Be Completely Off the Beaten Track...

I use water and towel instead of toilet paper. I installed a shower with a turn-cock next to the toilet and two towels - one for drying the hands, the other for drying the bottom :-)

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    3 Discussions


    2 years ago

    That link is not to any "finding" least of all any sort of scientific study. It is just more unsubstantiated claims made by people with dubious qualifications. While there are anatomical reasons that squatting for solid elimination is beneficial, the claims made about liquid elimination are not only not backed by any anatomical let alone scientific realities, they are, in fact, mostly counterfactual. In fact, in nature, most male animals and many female species, habitually pee standing up.


    Reply 1 year ago

    None of those links have literally anything to do with what I wrote, let alone confirm the opposite.