A Home for My Watches




My humble watches. Laying all over the place..... Need to get organised

Step 1: Found Some Interesting Items in the Recycle Bin. a Metal Frame, Some Plastic Bars...

Step 2: 3D Model a Concept

Step 3: Marking Out the Bars

Step 4: Cut Them to Size and Groovy...

Step 5: Fit Them In

Step 6: For the Pillows, Air-conditioning Foam Insulators, Double Stack Them

Step 7: Take Out Your Needles and Make Some Stitches...

Step 8: Hey, My Watches Are Looking Good Already

Step 9: Put in Some M8 Bolts and Nuts and Tada.....

Step 10: A New Home for My Babies....



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The watches looks so pretty in their new display case and I love that you upcycled everything! Very nice job using materials that you had on hand! Welcome to instructables!