A House for the Toads





Introduction: A House for the Toads

2 years ago, a bird dropped a female toad full of eggs flying over my backyard.
The two last summer were rainy and my old dog (nearly 17) provided the mysterious dark matter that keeps the flies near so the toad managed to survive.
This year the summer is going to be sunny, so i decided to make a house for the toads.

Step 1: 3 Layers of Brick at the Back

Put 3 layers of brick at the back

Step 2: Recycled Bottles to Keep the Water

You have already seen the bottles on ly last instructable.

Step 3: The Ground

Put plenty of pot ground and allow soft slopes for the toads. Keeps holes open underneath so they can hide during winter.

Step 4: Water

Feel the bottle with water. During summer mosquitos will grow in the water et feel the small toads.

Step 5: Plants

Put some plants that different plants that grow around and let the nature compete.

Step 6: Shade

Put bigger plants around to keep the toad's house from direct sun.

Step 7: The Toad

At last, i got a photo of the toad near the entrance of hole



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    18 Discussions

    How bizarre, a bird carrying a toad? Do birds eat frogs? How wonderful that you have frogs in your yard. Share a picture of them?

    8 replies

    omg, I am traumatized now. that poor baby. someday, in heaven or in the distant future we will no longer have to eat each other to survive, then the animals will have free time to philosophize, learn to speak, read paint and generally enjoy life the way we do.

    A got a photo this week-end ! You can see it on the last step of the instructable. I don't blame you for not believing before seeing because there are a lot of fakes on the net.

    I agree with you that sounds incredible, but i lived not very far from a canal where there are egrets. If i can take a photo, i'll will post it. The bird in the nest is a blackbird : it doest nit eat fish nor frog : it's just to show how messy and lively is my backyard.

    Thank you for the idea,will be making one of these for my toads :)

    very nice - I got lazy and used broken cider blocks pressed into wet ground - placed in heavily shaded area with tons of leaves

    Kill those toads there evil if your gonna make a home for somthing make one for FROGS not toads and BIRDS not hawks!

    Sorry mate, but in Queensland (Australia) we do our level best to destroy the Bolivian Toad & judging by your picture that is what you have there! We class it as a sport to race them at pubs ( and people bet on them too), but generally they are a plague that has caused the endangerment of several species (mammal, reptile & avian ) and making a home for them is not a smart move. Also BE CAREFUL of the TOXIN GLANDS on it's back & don't let your dog lick or eat it or puppy will die. Advise you check with your local fauna people on this. I do not mean to offend & I hope you are not offended.

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    You are right to warn people not to introduce foreign species. In Australia the toad Bufo Marinus was introduced to eat insects, but now eats everything it's size (fish, snakes and even small rabbits). And it's skin is indeed very toxic so no other animal can eat it. We have the same problem in the south of France. My toad is a small local Bufo Bufo (8 cm max.), the skin is also toxic. The population is regulated by birds like "ardea cinerea" and snakes like "natrix maura", by dry summers and cold winters.

    That is the sweetest thing ever. You went to all that effort for two alien amphibians! You have gained major karma points. :-)

    Very nicely done job. I like your dog. And that bird nest. But this was done very neatly, great job.