A Kid's Tote and What You Will Need to Make It




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Kids like to haul stuff around.  If they have their own personal tote they can pick up the little things and, maybe, carry them back.  

Saw (crosscut or table)
Rasp or router & bits (optional)
1" hole saw
Ruler or tape measure
Ratchet & sockets
Vise or a good clamp and something to clamp to

1" x 4" x 12" (approx.)
4-3/4" #6 hex head screws
4 washers for screws
2 large coffee cans, plastic
Paint or varnish, brushes, etc. (optional)

Step 1: Making the Handle

Cut the 1" x 4" so it is about 4" longer than the containers are high.  Every tote needs a good handle.  Measure 1-1/4" in from one end of the 1" x 4" and mark it.  At the mark, measure in 1-1/4" from each side and mark on the first mark to make two X's.  These X's are the centers of two of the 1" holes you will drill.  Use the hole saw to drill just deep enough so that the 1/4" pilot drill just comes out the other side of the board.  DO NOT drill all the way through.  

Reverse the board and use the pilot holes as guides to finish the 1" holes from this side.  This two-step process makes for a neater hole.  Drill a third hole between the first two to remove more material.  

Step 2: Final Shaping of the Wood

Use the rasp to remove the extra material still left in the hand hole.  Also use it to round off the edges of the inside of the hole.  Use the rasp to slightly round off the outside edges of the board.  A router could be used for some of this step.

Sand the rough edges and surfaces.  Paint or varnish as desired.

Step 3: Adding the Cans

To prepare the cans, stand the 1st can upright and measure down from the top and make marks at 2" and 5".  These marks are where the holes will be drilled to attach the can to the wood.  Drill holes just large enough for the screws.  

Do the same thing for the 2nd can except mark and drill them 2-1/2" and 5-1/2" down from the top.  

When the wooden part is ready, draw a line along the center, from end to end, starting at the bottom, extending up about 6".  Stand the board upright and place the 1st can next to it.  Mark the board through the holes in the can .  Extend the marks so they cross the center line.  These X's are where you drill holes for the screws.  Drill holes just smaller than the screw diameter.

Attaching the 1st can is easier if you lay the board flat.  Insert a screw with washer into one of the holes in the can and position it to the hole in the board.  Start threading it by hand as far as you can.  Finish driving the screw using the ratchet and socket.  Install the second screw and washer and tighten.  

For the 2nd can the board must be upright.  Mark and drill the holes, install the screws and washers, and tighten them as done with  the 1st can.  

Drill a couple drain holes in each can if you want but otherwise it is DONE.  Just sign your name and date it.  



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    kids tote? I'm going to make a couple for ME ! BTW... I drink Folgers Black Silk because if you can see the spoon in your coffee you're drinking colored water..... = S


    6 years ago on Introduction

    "Drill a couple drain holes in each can if you want"

    Hehe, you have a boy, don't you?