A Lovely Giftbox With Light Glow on Snap.

Introduction: A Lovely Giftbox With Light Glow on Snap.

This project is about how to make a nice romantic pleasing gift box…..i made this model so that I can put a nice watch in the center or a chain or a ring or any gift able …..and I added a clap switch which s optional…..making the box glow once I clap…..givin a surprise…..its very simple and very easy….just need patience and a day’s work….

Things u need:-
*A tin of ur wish as per your gift(try to make it broad so tat its is easy to stick the leather at the bottom)
*leather cloth and fancy cloth(available at all curtain shops )
*led strip(Its availiable almost everywhere and if u don’t get its there in ebay.com for sure)
*a clap switch circuit(link)

Tools u need:-
*quick glue
*pairs of wires
*a stapler

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Step 1: Take the Led Strip and Solder It Well.

Just wipe the inside of the tin once before pasting the led strip and keeping the cloth to make sure that it sticks well. Cut the led strip to the necessary size and paste it in the inner side of the tin.Then cut the cloth to the inner size of the tin.And cut leather material for the box cap.

Step 2: Make a Small Purse to Fit the Box Inside.

Lets make a leather purse so that we can put the circuit inside the purse so that it acts as a cover for the ugly box and acts as a gift holder also.Make the leather purse by turning it inside out and stapler it on one side as soon in the picture.And reverse it back after the stappler-ing has been done.And connect the clap switch circuit and paste all the wires except the battery wire and the relay switch wire.This step is optional, U people can even use a push off switch available in all electronic shops.Then check the wires once to see the led strip is working without any problem.

In case the clap switch is not available at your place then jus buy it at amazon:-


Step 3: Stick Them All!!!

By using the fast glue apply some in the inner side and then just stick the cloth material on top of it.Once the top and bottom sides are glued stick the sides very slowly.

Step 4: Just Connect All Wires

Connect the wires from relay(the relay acts as the switch) and the power supply and put them into the shown leather purse made earlier.

the for nubis.Ther relay just stands inbetween the battery and the led strip.When the circuit is on the relay switches on the switch making the battery connect to the led strip.For any confusions please comment for help.

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