A Meal From a Rice Cooker




Introduction: A Meal From a Rice Cooker

What to eat when you are bored of the cafeteria food?  Or the cafeteria food is too salty and taste nasty?  But you don't have time and money to go out and eat.

Here is what I do.  I live in a student residence where there is no kitchen!  So we are forced to get every meal from the cafeteria.  I'm going to have kidney failure because they add so much salt to the food they serve :P.  Luckily I bought a rice cooker.  Its a life saver!  I make rice, noodles, all kinds of food in it!  I'll teach you how to do it (its reeeaaally simple).

Make use of what you have.

Step 1: Materials

Students are poor (like me).  These ingredients are all very cheap!  *all are in Canadian Dollars*

1/2 cup of rice (1/2 cup is good for one person)
[a whole bag was less than $5]

a fist size of ground beef (or as much as you like, you can put whatever kind of meat, but grounded ones are easier to cook)
[it says $2.28/bl, but I got this portion of meat for around $0.50]

1 or 2 eggs (I put 1 eggs this time)
[$1.XX per 6 eggs]

some salt
[Less than $2 for the whole thing]

some soy sauce
[free, from eating sushi]

some sesame oil
[from my instant noodle package]

or any kind of sauce you like

Step 2: Defrost Meat

We only have a shared fridge in the lounge, but people steal from it, so it is safer to have my own fridge.  However, it is so small.  When I buy meat, I separate them into fist sized and store it in zip lock bags and freeze it.

Now, wait for it to defrost.  Do something else while waiting.

Step 3: In the Meantime...make Tea!

While waiting for the meat to defrost...

If you don't feel like drinking water, drink Barley Tea!  It is healthy!

I bought this from Daiso (A huge shop where they sell all kinds of Asian things) for $2 only!

Barley tea is caffeine free.  It may help:
- supplement daily nutrition levels
- improve blood sugar levels
- reduce bad cholesterol levels
- protect against certain forms of cancer
- facilitate proper digestion
- cleanse the body of toxin
- relieve early symptoms of colds

First of all, put the long tea bag in a bottle of cold water (around 1.5L - 2L).
Then, wait for an hour.

Do not leave the tea bag in for too long, it will become bitter.

Step 4: Wash the Rice

Add 1/2 cup of rice into the rice cooker.

Wash rice.

Put 1/2 cup of water (or put water until it reaches the 1/2 cup "line")

Step 5: Start the Rice Cooker

While cooking the rice, add whatever sauce you like into your bag of meat.  You can add salt, sesame oil, soy sauce or even chopped onion.  Mix it in the bag.

Step 6: Add Meat

When you there is no more water left in the rice cooker, add your meat.  Spread it out so it cooks easier.  Cover it and wait until the rice cooker turns off by itself.  Mix the meat with rice if you like.

Step 7: Add Egg

 I love eggs.  I like to add an egg on top of my rice.  After the rice cooker turns off by itself, crack an egg onto the rice.  Cover it immediately and wait for a few minutes until the egg is cooked.

Step 8: Finish!

You are done!

Add sauce to your rice if you think it is too plain.

One thing missing ...vegetables.  Well I guess fruits will do.

Step 9: Om Nom Nom Nom

 I hope you liked it.  This is my first instructable so I hope you guys can give me some comments about it (constructive ones please).  And take a picture if you make it!



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this could work rice cooker stays on worm a long time

If you like Spanish Rice, try this. I use (which you could make smaller or freeze leftovers) 2.5cups rice, 1 large (14+oz) can diced tomato/green chili, 1 can of chicken with broth in it (or I diced large chicken breast raw is perfect), 1 can of corn, 1 can of green/wax beans (I use fresh when available), seasoning (garlic powder, cumin, a little salt, black pepper, crushed red peppers, onion powder (walmart or family dollar or 99cents only stores have these for so cheap or "Hispanic" markets too) and 2.5 cups of water. NOTE: do not drain corn or diced tomato or chicken, pour right in!!! Put in rice cooker, press start and you are done when it beeps! (hopefully I included everything) You can also make chicken fried rice: rice, chicken, peas, carrots, egg, season!

I use chicken broth instead of water, add some onions and garlic, parsley and chives and have a delicious side dish. You could also add chicken to the pot before cooking. If it is in small pieces, there is no problem with it being undercooked when the rice cooker kicks off.

Rice cookers are becoming my favorite kitchen appliance. I have made this recipe or bariations of it several times with great success.
The manufacturer supplies many types of recipes aside from rice on their website so I would bet they would not do so if it would cause "contamination" issues with their product.
Great instructions, well explained & friendly, like in a friend's kitchen :-) Thank you!

lovely but not in rice cookers, in multicookers for example Redmond 4502 it is
warmer, faster and better. Also it can remember your recepie!

2 replies

I'm pretty sure eggs and meat is a pretty bad idea. Why? Simple. You are putting bad bacteria in the rice cooker. You have now probably contain-mated the rice cooker for life!!!!

Cook the eggs germs die

If you cook eggs in a pan, do you contaminate the Pan?

ok , i just bought a rice cooker last week , and i live in the student residence , and i was wondering what else i can cook except noodles , can u give me some advice? and i dont have much money and wanna live a cheaper and health live

3 replies

I cook 3 cups white rice, 3 cups lentils, 1 cup barley or buckwheat and one cup peas. The rice and lentils will make a complete protein. I add the barley, buckwheat and peas for variety.

With lentils you need to sort through them. You need to do this with beans too though. You'll get stones in them if u don't. Nice thing about lentils over beans is u don't have to soak the lentils. With beans you have to soak them over night. That's why I don't use beans. I'm very lazzzzzzy.

Unfortunately I only cook noodles and rice in it. However, you can put different kinds of vegetables and meat. I love to put mushrooms, broccoli, and thinly sliced beef (beef is safer than pork or chicken). What do you like to eat? Put those in!

How do you get an image added on this threads? I see the add image button. But I can't get it to add images with it. Btw, I have an iphone 4.

How do you get an image added on this threads? I see the add image button. But I can't get it to add images with it. Btw, I have an iphone 4.

I mixed a drained can of corn kernels & baby peas with the meat in the bag then mixed the whole lot up with the rice before setting the cooker to cook again. Not too bad. Otherwise you could simply eat celery or raw carrots afterwards.

Its definitely helpful and gives me a lot of ideas. I especially like the bit with the barley tea, completely unrelated but delightful and informative =) Unfortunately I have only a rice cooker and its a bit different than the ones everyone else seems to have (mine has the rice bowl completely separate from the heating element and main water bowl, more of a steamer) so Im a little worried about cooking time. Ill figure it out tho. Thanks for the helpful instructable. =D

Totally going to try this at some point :P Thanks!

You shouldn't wash rice anymore. For a very long time now rice has been parboiled, enriched and sometimes flavored. If you wash it, it might become mooshi and tasteless real fast.

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Unless you're eating organically grown rice then you have to wash the rice, your suppose to wash it to remove pesticides and chemicals/powders used to make it whiter. Parboiled rice? that's instant rice. In the US, you don't have to wash the rice because we don't use chemical/powder whiteners, and the FDA considers the pesticides safe. Additionally, rice is a starch, and it has a starchy build up, so getting rid of that makes it flakier. I believe for tradition sake, even in the US, you should wash the rice. We're to easy to throw away tradition, have your kids wash the rice, think about all your problems being the starch, etc....it's not going to kill you, it'll probably make you stronger. Also, fortification/enrichment is BS, just load the rice with goodness and love and you'll get all the enrichment you need.