A Miniature Model of the "magic Lantern"




About: film historian, an archaeologist at the cinema, the author of publications and books on the history of early cinema, reconstructor devices before the birth of cinema.


Today I want to present to your attention one of his miniature models. This model is the "magic lantern" - "Kinematodor № 740". The original was produced in Germany by "Ernst Plank" in 1890. The model is made of tin and brass. The shaped lens elements poured out of a tin. This is a fully working model. Scale: 1x3. Reconstruction of miniature model of the device created in different countries of the world before the birth of cinema and early cinema is my profession. I'm an archaeologist cinema. Always glad to your questions and comments.

Sincerely, Sergey Gavrilenko, film art historian, archaeologist cinema, PhD.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, where's your instructable? Just seeing something you made is not impressive here, at least not to me. How does anyone know you made it? That very well could be a store bought model. Prove to us that it's original, that you actually made it! I'd really like to see how it was made.

    3 replies

    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome!!! Sorry about the additional comments, but that's kind of what this site is all about. Even if someone is not capable or willing to put the effort into trying the build, it's always a pleasure to see the creative process. Thank you.