A Miniature Working Model "elektrotahiscope"

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Two months ago, I created a miniature working model "elektrotahiscope." The original of this device was created in Odessa, Ukraine in 1893 as a mechanic and engineer I.Timchenko. This device is intended to demonstrate the stroboscopic effect. It is in this unit was first used by the original mechanism of intermittent motion pictures. I have reproduced the unique device originally on a scale of 1x1 and then in miniature on a scale of 1x5. Both models work. I used to manufacture brass and tin. For projection - LED 12 volts. Disk imaging phase running horse has been reduced with the help of computer programs and printed on a printing tape with a photo printer. This is the only miniature model of this unique machine.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Again.... this is not an instructable. I'll praise you for putting together a great model that you bought. :)

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    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    These models are the only ones in the world .... I will pay you $ 10,000 if you find a store where they are sold :)