A Monster Carrying You. the Best Costume DIY Last Minute #Halloween




If you like easy, fast, cheap and ingenious halloween costumes, I think you'll love this, not only done with recycled and there are things at home, but is also funny and witty.

In today's tutorial I will teach as I made a costume last minute for Halloween, it's very quick to do.

Step 1: Materials

It is a very easy and ingenious disguise that makes an optical effect as if someone will take you in a box. In my case I have simulated that charged me a scary clown.

This costume is very funny and fun and sure to be the most original party.

And best of all, it's made with things you're bound to have at home or that are very easy to get.

Materials you need:

-Carboard box big enough for you.

- Papers

- Sticky tape

- A mask

- A shirt

- A hooded jacket

Step 2: Step by Step Video

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    2 years ago

    Does the newspaper or plastic bag crinkle when you walk? Because I might use this idea with stuffing instead... Love the idea though!