A New Eating Habit

My mother is a very fit person and she likes to be in control of her body. So she often uses stairs, does daily crunches with various other excercises, and she apparently adopted a eating habit. Well this summer i wanted to try to slim down and I ,naturally, asked her for advice. I had already started excercising regularly with situps, crunches, push-ups, ect. and have been doing more physically fit alternatives such as walking to places, using stairs, and started playing sports rather than video games, all the time. So i decided to take up her habit as well. She told me
"No matter what you eat, drink, or chew always leave a little left."
Now I too have taken on the "Leave a Little Left" lifestyle myself and have found it to be very beneficial to my physique. The idea behind this is to never clean(finish) your plate, cup, or candy.
For example:
-When I eat a sandwhich, I leave a corner of it left
-When I drink something I leave just one mouthful left
-Even when i have gum I never chew the last two or three peices.
I hope this helps anyone else trying to lose those last couple pounds. Good luck fellow robots! =)
p.s. this is my first 'ible' so please be gentle...

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    I also need to lose weight, but I don't believe in taking too much, then throwing part of it away. Instead, wouldn't it be better to get into the habit of taking less in the first place? That way, nothing is wasted, and the temptation to continue nibbling at the remaining food on your plate won't be there.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is nice in a country that has over-abundance of food. At the 3rd world you can't do it. Instead of leaving a little, would not it be better to serve a little less? Maybe some other could profit that you don't eat.

    Pardon my poor English.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    well yes eating less and saving is by far the better choice of the two, but the physcology behind this is what'll help people lose weight. Having a goal you can easily see if you accomplished makes this become second nature rather than serving less where you don't usually know the facts behind the food and whats an appropiate serving size. This instructable is meant for people wanting/ needing to lose weight, and it proves to be more effective than serving or getting less. It's not that I think we shouldn't try to eat less it's just to help gain control in a sense.

    And your english is well.