A (non-godzilla Sized) Purse Made From an Old Pair of Jeans




Introduction: A (non-godzilla Sized) Purse Made From an Old Pair of Jeans

Long story short, I had a nice pair of jeans that got an awful ripping. So I thought of making a purse out of them. But... I dislike big purses so much! It's not like I'm going to carry a bulldog or a bulldozer with me! (though... I'd need a carry-on bulldozer. Hey, they're carry-on already, they have wheels!). As every single jean-into-purse I've seen ends being bazingally enormous, I designed this little project... and thought of sharing it here halfway through it. All this said and done, let's start.

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Step 1: Materials

What you'll need is:

*Jeans (or shorts, or pants) to Franskensteinize
*Thread and needle
*Seam ripper

Step 2: Preparing the Jeans.

First, trim off the legs. Keep the main body of the soon-to-be purse as long as you want the purse to be deep. As I said, mine got teared so I'd have to set to that length.

Keep in mind that a part of the purse will be inside the other one. In my case, I decided to have the rear as the outside of the purse, so I cut the front a little shorter than the rear (not pictured).

Rip the seams marked in the first photo. Undo the sides up to the desired length of the inner bag (front of pants, FOP for short). It helps doing so as shown in the second photo.

Step 3: Pin N' Sew

Now, turn the pants inside out and fold the borders of the FOP as if you were going to make a hem. Pin and sew'em together. I did it by hand, but you can use a sewing machine.

When you're over with it, do the same to the rear-of-pants (yesh, ROP). Be sure to make the ROP bag bigger than the FOP one... unless you want the FOP to be the outside and the ROP the inside. Did that make sense? I hope so.

I added a shot for the derriere, just in case you were wondering how to finish that part without getting a triangular purse.

Step 4: The Strap

So, remember I decided to make an instructable halfway through the project? The strap was the first part I made, and it's quite an intuitive design. Anyway, I hope this diagram helps me to get the idea through.

Take half a leg of a pant. Cut it in halves (1). Put the halves together, with the wrong side outside and the right inside. Sew them together at the top (being the top the opposite side to the hems) (2). Unfold the now-longer piece, fold it leaving the right side in again, and sew it lengthside. (3) DON'T SEW THE ENDS. It's unnecesary and it will prevent you from turning it inside out.

... yep, the diagram is clearer than the instructions. I guess.

Step 5: Needing Closure?

Now, for the Grand Finale... Lay the half-done purse so you align the sides seams, and start sewing'em together. Be sure to follow the original stitches for a better finish.

Pin and sew the strap, one end to each of the FOP halves.

Finally, turn it outside-in, starting by the ROP bag. Then, shove the FOP bag inside the ROP one.

There, it's done!

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