A Not-so-easy But Fine Logbook for Geocaching

Introduction: A Not-so-easy But Fine Logbook for Geocaching

What you need (but you can modify the list):
-used 35mm film cartridge (plus container if needed)
-IKEA paper measure tape
-IKEA pencil
-alcohol pencil (or similar)
-mini stapler
-adhesive tape
-a bigger container (eg sauce container)

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Step 1: Create the Logbook

First, use the glue to attach the measure tape to the tiny piece of film remaining in the cartridge (remember to put adhesive tape in the back to reinforce the connection)

Step 2: Secure the Other End

Then, attach the toothpick to the other end of the tape (use glue, staples and a piece of tape to reinforce). Cut the excess.

Step 3: Identify It

Write "logbook" in the cartridge. Just in case...

Step 4: Finalize

Use the film container (optional), then place your new logbook in the Geocache container, together with the pencil and some minor stuff, as usual, and  place it in its hidding place. Don't forget the stashnote! Happy geocaching!

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    How do you get the log rolled back up unside the film canister once you pull it out? It isn't spring loaded like a tape measure. It can sometimes be tricky to do.

    And the obsession with IKEA? Those aren't the only types of Golf Pencils or tapes you can find! Just love it when people specify IKEA, not everyone has an IKEA nearby!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    As I've already said..."Sorry, first Instructable - I surely forget something."

    Indeed, it can be tricky to roll it back. But then, it isn't a race. Geocaching is (also) about quietness, calm, focus. We'll have the job done!

    On the other hand, I only mentioned IKEA on the list because the material did come from there. Somehow, I wished to thank them for being a (non-official, unwingly) Geocaching sponsor (at least here in Portugal) :) .But, as you said, there are other sources for that material.

    Happy Geocaching!


    6 years ago on Step 3

    Should make lines for people to write on though.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, first Instructable- I surely forget something.
    Nevertheless, I guess it depends on geocachers good sense: 1 inch/ 2 cm per log are enough, and so the tape wil hold 100 logs. The logbook remains dry, and it's easier to store in the owner's collection