A Quick and Cheap Grounding Plug

Introduction: A Quick and Cheap Grounding Plug

Here's a quick hack I did to get easy and safe access to grounding points. A standard grounded mains cable is used, with the phase terminals completely removed and all phase wires isolated.


- 1x grounded power cord
- some 8mm shrink tubing
- 1x screw terminal
- wire cutter
- small grinder
- hobby knife
- small flat screwdriver

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Step 1: Cut Off the Male Plug's Protrusions (ouch)

Using a small grinder / dremel, cut off the two protrusions from the male plug.

Step 2: Cut Off the Female Plug and Strip the Cable

Cut off the female plug and strip 5 centimeters, or as much as you like, from the outer jacket of the cable. Also cut away the two phase wires, leaving only the ground wire at length. Now strip 5mm off from the ground wires jacket.

Step 3: Add Shrink Tubing

Just to be on the safe side, cover the open end of the cable with shrink tubing. This is not completely necessary, but it adds an extra measure of safety against short-circuits and it looks bette too.

Step 4: Connect the Ground to a Screw Terminal and Use It

Connect the ground wire to a screw terminal and to anything else you want to use it with. Plug the ground connector in and it's ready for use.

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. If I may, I would like to add that you can take the ground wire and attach a female banana connector to the end. Cut the ring off of your Desco 95329 or 09820 (see photos below) and attach the banana plug male end to the end of the wire. Connector the banana plugs. Snap the Desco to the mat with its built in banana plugs for wrist straps. Plug it into the wall outlet and now everything is grounded.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea! i only can say "why didn't i think about this before...?!"