A "realistic" Alcohol Marble Pumpgun (cheap, Simple and Powerful)




Introduction: A "realistic" Alcohol Marble Pumpgun (cheap, Simple and Powerful)

Simple, cheap, and powerful. A deadly combination of DIY spud gun.

Item needed:
- PVC pipe 15mm class 6 1.2 meters x 1 unit
- 15 mm pvp pipe U mount x 1
- L curved shape 15mm 1 unit
- PVC pipe 16mm 3 cm - to be fitted with with 15mm pvc
- R socket 40x15mm x 2 unit + 5 cm pvc pipe that can fit into R socket small section
- E cap 40mm
- PVC high pressure pipe 40 mm x 1.2 meters
- PT Socket 40mm threaded
- 40 mm D Plug
- Pistol style spark lighter
- Contact Adhesive
- Glue Gun
- Electrical Tape
- Drill
- PVC hand saw

1. Figure out the assembly as the figure...drill bunch of holes..tape and glue gun + CA to secure assembly.
2. The spark goes into front section of 40mm PVC pipe
3. at the rear end of 15mm pvc pipe secure the inner section with a little glue gun adhesive to make sure the marble will not slide down when the gun pointed to earth.

Spray denatured alcohol (you can buy spirit from any hardware store) 4-7 times (the more the stronger fire power) into the D cap and close it. Insert marble from into 15mm pvc pipe. Press the trigger and shot...

Be safe:
This is a high powered spud rifle. This project just for fun and never intended to harm others be it people or animal. Never aim at people or animal or in crowded area. Look for large empty place to test this marble spud gun. And also never aim at target that can bounce marbles back and hit you or other people.

Check with your local authority if making such "weapon" is illegal in your country. I will not being held responsible for any damages to properties, injuries, or even death. Do at your own risk. I will never held responsible for anything stupid that you do with this project in any court of any country. By agreeing to this disclaimer then you can use it. Peace..

p.s: work in progress
- silencer (way to loud)
- scope
- simple mechanism to load gas

-simple gas loading mechanism updates. (see pictures) Using a simple release valve now gas can easily fill by using the onoff handle.

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