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Introduction: A Simple Sugru Trick

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If you have used Sugru, you know that it's great for repairing, improving and making things.

It stick to almost all surfaces.

Almost is good, because that gives us an opportunity to make Sugru stick to smooth surfaces, surfaces like glass, tiles, furniture, computers, tablets etc.

I am not talking about making Sugru stick while forming it. I am talking about making it stick once it's completely set.

Make it stick and un-stick to smooth surfaces without leaving any nasty residue.

That opens a door to more DIY projects.

You can make custom webcam cover, that will hold to your laptop without any glue.

Cover your webcam when not in use, uncover when needed.

How about a webcam cover that can hold a note?

Or a keyring that you can stick to its glass key holder station?

As you can see, there are hundreds of thing you can do.

Let's see how to transform your Sugru to stick, un-stick adhesive.

Step 1:

What do you need?

  • Sugru
  • Soft and very smooth plastic. I used a plastic plate.

Make your Sugru art on top of the plastic plate or a piece of plastic.

For the Batman sign, I used stencils.

I cut out the yellow base and covered the sides with black Sugru.

Then, I cut out the bat and waited a little bit for Sugru to get harder.

After a while, I transferred the bat on top of the yellow base.

Once all the art was finished, I let it dry for 24h with the plastic still attached.

Step 2:

When the art was completely dry, I was able to remove it from the plastic.

I was left with super smooth and shiny batman sigh. That shiny side will stick to most smooth surfaces and it's easy to remove it.

Now you can make your own webcam cover or any other art to decorate and hack your life.

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    That's a really cool hack for sugru, just when I think I know everything it can do. I'm proven wrong.