A Simple and Effective Minecraft Cannon

Introduction: A Simple and Effective Minecraft Cannon

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This is one of my versions of a nice, easy minecraft cannon that can be built by just about anyone, it has a range of around 200-250 blocks and can be modified to have more range.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8:

Step 9:

Step 10:



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I made a (slightly) better one. Exactly the same exept that on the opposite side of the repeaters is dispensers with redstone on top of them,i placed buckets of water down the empty space where the TNT is until the water level was even,placed another dispenser where the stone block is in front of the repeaters,and where the second stone slab is at the end of the redstone trail is replaced with Bedrock (and the rest of the stone is too) and a stone button on a random dispenser.and where the projectile(TNT) is,a Stone slab is underneath it.more efficient. no offence whatsoever.

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Well, I have actually done that exact thing many times, I am a much better connoneer than these cannons show. I just put up the most simple cannons I know, but if you want to see effective....I could make some effective cannons.

cars367 is right come on good idea but bad design your cannon WILL blow up. So it is ;-) and ;-(

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When you placed the last half slab, did you place it above the water? or did you place it in the water source block? because doing that will blow it up. Otherwise your water source is left untouched.

On another note I have been making cannons in minecraft for over 3 years, and have invented hundreds of them so I get quite offended when someone tries to say one of my designs do not work.

I told you I work alone because I have no need to work with anyone on designs, I said this in regard to your comment "

Me and my friend made a tank and nothing that covered it up blew up"

Ok so first of all learn to show some respect for opinions and I never said I wanted to work with you and it was just something you could do

What are you guys two? I am a better cannon designer. Me and my friend made a tank and nothing that covered it up blew up and make a semi automatic cannon please

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Please show me, then ill blow you away (literally) with ALL the cannons I have made. P.S. I work alone and have no need for a second person to design cannons.

U covered up the water source so it will just blow your cannon up

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Try actually building the cannon before you declare it a failure. The half-slab was placed over the water source, therefore it will work just fine.