A Simple Hack to Adapt an 8 Pin Male Dual Row Header to a Breadboard.

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The 8 pin male dual row headers on some of the small peripheral boards (for example NRF24L01 and ESP8266 boards) are not suited for a breadbaord - unless you are trying to short the pins out. A simple hack is to cut female pin headers, stick them together with hot glue, and bend the pins with needle-nose pliers. The photo above is self-explanatory, I think. A simple hack, but it works.



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Eric Brouwer

2 years ago

Great idea! Found out the hard way that I needed an adapter for the nRF24 modules. Had to make an Arduino shield first before I could learn how to use them.

Followed your advice, and ordered some headers with the loooong pins.

1 reply

3 years ago


Simple, clever, I actually have a few of these headers lying around... thanks!

2 replies

Although the photos are self explanatory, I would suggest you to do a bit of explanation for each picture. Everyone may not be a quick learner :)