A Simple Paper Rock

Introduction: A Simple Paper Rock

You look outside, and you may see rocks depending on your yard or the world around you. You want to fill up a bag with rocks. The bag may rip, or the bag may be too heavy. How do you fix that? All you need to do, is make some fake rocks! They can be any colour. You can prank your friends with these paper rocks.

WARNING: These paper rocks will be almost as hard as a rock. Do not throw it at people or at items to be funny. These rocks are very dangerous just like normal rocks when it comes to throwing them.

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Step 1: Step 1: Gather Supplies.

You will need the following:

*Paper (from one sheet to more than one sheet, depending on how big and dense you want it to be).

*A container of water (or you can just wet the paper from the sink instead).

*A marker or something to colour the paper with (optional).

Step 2: Wet Paper.

The paper must not have excess water on it, because it will take longer to dry or maybe even never dry. To check to see if you have excess water, turn the sheet of paper diagonally and let it drip. Don't stop until it drips one time per three seconds (or longer), because, you're wasting your time.

Step 3: Squish Up Paper.

Wetting the paper first makes the paper able to be squished a lot more dense than it being dry. You can have many methods of squishing, but in general, just squish it. You can make it a flat rock, a complete circular rock (not recommended for pranks), or any other shape (I would make it an irregular shape to make it actually look like a real rock (because real rocks are irregularly shaped by nature)).

Step 4: Let It Dry.

ATTENTION: If you want a different coloured rock, use a different coloured sheet of paper or colour it before you leave it to dry. This is because, when the paper's wet, it will absorb the ink/paint (if you're using paint of markers to colour it) into it so that if the paper gets wrecked by nature, it will not expose inner white parts of the paper if it changes it's shape.

So, just leave it to dry.

Step 5: Other Fun Features:

When you wet a paper and then dry it, microscopic amounts of the paper is deteriorated (or rotted away). When it's dry, it's harder, but easier to rip. Also, it will keep its folds (so if you wet it and fold it and leave it to dry, it will keep that fold once dried and will not want to unfold), so it gives more of a bumpy surface. Knowing this, you can take yellow paper (or paper that you coloured yellow), and wet this, and make it bumpy (you can make it thicker if you want to make it look realistic), and put it inside the rock as a very small amount to prank your friends showing you found gold or making them feel like they found gold.

You can do other things with your paper rocks to make it more realistic, better for pranks, and other things. So, be creative!

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    Bloody Cleaver
    Bloody Cleaver

    5 years ago

    I can't wait to trick my friends in thinking that they've found gold!