A Simple Trick That (Most Of)you Didn't Know About IPod Touch





Introduction: A Simple Trick That (Most Of)you Didn't Know About IPod Touch

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as my Other instructable wasn't popular at all , i would like to contribute with a small trick in the i(phone)pod Touch.

The Main purpose of this trick is taking snapshots within the Device , using only your bare hands and the device itself .

(it works only in software 2.0 )

Step 1: First and Last Step

Since this isn't a OMG-supah-long-'ible I will use a single page
((here's The Video BTW) In HD)

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-An iPod Touch or iPhone with 2.0 firmware
-A single Hand

-The iCable (the cable that came "free" when you bought your device
-Computer (duh!)

Main Steps
1-Turn On the Device
2-Prepare whatever you're going to take a picture
3-Press the POWER and the HOME button in the device simultaneously,
The screen should flash once.
4- Repeat as necessary

Step 2: To View the Picture(s)

In the Device :
1-Turn on the device
2-Tap "Photos" (the small icon with a flower)
3-Go to "Saved Pictures"
4- Select Desired Picture

In the Computer , You can choose either sending it in a e-mail , or downloading it direct from the Device
E-mail Method (first set of images)
Direct Method (second set of pictures)

Easy as That !



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    21 Discussions

    i did this by mistake and remember how to do it i was actuly trying to see if the ipod touch can by turned off by pressing power+home

    I can't believe more people don't know about this! I knew and I don't even own an iPod touch or an iPhone.

    I did that accidently one day. couldn't figure out how to do it again till now.

    I figured it out accidentally, was playing with the buttons and heard a camera click, but my device doesn't have a cam so I looked in the photos to see if I clicked a blank, and saw the screen shots :D

    This is very interesting, sad to say I didn't know that my iPod Touch had this feature. Good way to fool someone is to take their iPod Touch and take a snapshot of their desktop, then open up photos and view it. The next time they look at their iPod the picture will come up instead of their desktop, and none of thier icons will work! Just kidding, very cool instructable.

    Not long ago, I found a screen-shot in the Photos on my iPod. I had no idea how it got there. This explains it. Thanks for clearing up that little mystery. - Chris

    why the hell is apple keeping secrets from us!! like that and the internal bluetooth btw big big thanks

    1 reply

    apple isn't keeping screenshot feature zeeekrit. It was listed in the 2.0 Update info (where you agree) know something interesting, every time you hit teh home, iPod (hone) takes a screenshot of the main page to do the cool FX of apps moving in & out the screen

    Another thing to do is when on the interwebz (thats gonna be a habit) hold a finger on a photo to save it.

    Sweet i also use this to make people think their ipod/iphone is frozen. They cant click any apps cuz its a picture. cheers, mspark400

    wow i thought i knew everything there was to the ipod touch....Thx!!! awesome man, i took repeatedly pictures of my home screen, then set the pic to my wallpaper, then took another pic of the overlayed pic and pretty soon the letters were blurred beyond recognition thx!

    I have an iPhone 3g with 2.0.2 and this works as well. Its very useful when getting directions for example. Find the directions online and take a screenshot, then just pull up the photo in the car than fumbling with the internet again.

    I knew this already! :P So, "A simple trick that you did know about iPod Touch" ;P