A Simple Water-proof LED Light Case for Bicycle, Easy Installation and Adjustable.




This simple LED light case is made from a bendable and twistable stick (women use it treat their hair) and a clear plastic test tube, a heat-shrink tube. All items can be bought from Ebay or other shop very cheaply. See picture to know how to put them together. After the lights finished, just twist them at any places on a bicycle, the lights will be firmly attached on the bicycle. Full water proof, easy install, easy to be adjusted to any directions. No more extra plastic part and screws.

To see the lights are twisted on a real bicycle, go to http://www.freelights.co.uk/tle.html

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    pretty cool i think if i put some on my 4wheeler there wont be a problem on shortcircuting when i go in the mud,are they submergible?