A Steampunked Raspberry Pi




Introduction: A Steampunked Raspberry Pi

This is an old dream: put a multimedia system in a wood box to have a very new device featuring a very old one I have seen in a photo market in Vienne near Lyon in France (which you know is the country where was first invented photography and cinema YES !)

Step 1: In the Attic

First I bought a Raspberry PI, then came up at the back of my attic where my "laboratory" is waiting for a new idea. What a mess on this table! Anyway, put the Pi in an old wood box, fix some old 5V regulator, add a small monitor, a USB hub, a WiFi dongle, a USB key full of films, images, mp3 files and install LINUX OPENELEC 4.0 in a couple of minutes. Here we are!

Step 2:

Do not forgot to add a tiny audio amplifier with a very small loudspeaker with an old ear trumpet, and that's it!

You can serve this ready-to-cook medley as a whole dish or as an accompaniment of a new idea, depending on your tastes and desires.

Step 3: Remote?

Of course you can remote !



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    6 Discussions

    Is this a projector, or do you stare into the glass on the front to watch the movies? This is quite the lovely Rubeberg machine though. Thanks for the 'ible.

    This is really cool! Where did you source the magnifying glass?

    1 reply

    Bought the magnifying glass in a store in Lyon which is specialized in devices for camping. I had seen this glass and told me oh Yeah that's just what I want for my Steampunked Pi! There were LEDS in it. I put out the LEDS and Battery just to keep the glass

    Can I honestly say "You're my hero". Yep, I certainly think I can. Lovely use of a PI and steampunk fashion! Bravo Sir well played.


    2 years ago

    really nice looking!