A Survival Kit That Will Fit in Your Pocket





Introduction: A Survival Kit That Will Fit in Your Pocket

In this kit I have a:
1 Magnesium fire starter wrapped in Para-cord
2 A roll of Para-cord
3 Signaling mirror
4 Insect spray
5 Tin foil
6 Fishing kit
7 Roll of thin wire
8 Mini stove
9/10 Pots
11 krazy glue
12 Knife
The fishing kit includes a
1 bobber
2 large bait hook
3 small bait hook
4 Rubber worm
5 Leader
6 Small spoon
7 lead Weight
8 Roll of fishing string
9 Swivel

Tips to surviving
-if you run low on rope you could use spruce roots cut into quarters instead
- when in the wild it is a good idea to prepare your food away from your site so you don’t attract un-wanted animals
-The wire could be used for snares and to suspend your food above the fire because it won’t burn a quick
- the tin foil could be shaped into a cup/bowl for food/drink
- the repellent is a good way to ward of bug that carry harsh diseases
- the rope could be used as a trip wire to protect your campsite
These are some pointers that could keep you alive during survival
Sorry for the mistakes on this one because it is my first instuctable. Please vote for me!



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    I have a set of these pots for my survival kit. They are a little bulky but I keep them in a canvas case on my belt. The pots are large enough to be useful and they hold a lot. Since I live in the subarctic and help can be a long time coming, I can pack these with enough supplies for days plus major medical supplies.

    i might add a pepsi can stove so u can cook you're survival hotdogs with comfort ;)

    Nice kit, but do I have small pockets, or do you have huge ones? Will this really fit into your pocket? Can you still walk with it in your pocket? Looks more like a small pack size kit.

    Sounds pretty great!! sounds like an experienced bushman here!!

    I do have the ary rations, but i never had time to submit those photos it was kind of late.

    Great post! Good timing. Everything looks great for your survival guide. Food and water are the primary Emergency Survival Products. After this do not forgot to keep communication devices with your self. It may be beneficial to inform someone during emergency.