A Very Easy Speaker Case

Introduction: A Very Easy Speaker Case

About: I love guitar and piano, especially guitar. i love making new things for cheap out of house-hold items.

This is a little case i made for my little speaker i found in the basement. i just wanted it to stand up, protect the speaker and hold the wires in place. so if you want to build it, Read On!

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Step 1: Find the Objects...

So what you need is:

-An old CD you dont need anymore
-A speaker
-Any kind of wide, thick tape (Duct tape, tin tape, etc..)
-A USB headphone cable

-A pocket knife
-glue gun
-soldering iron

Step 2: Glue the Speaker to the CD

So first you have to glue the speaker to the back of the CD. circle around the back of the CD with the glue gun and push the speaker onto the CD where the glue is. you have to be fast though! you might want to tape it on so it wont fall of when you are working. NEXT STEP!

Step 3: Cut the CD to the Right Dimensions

Cut the CD to the a square or the desired shape with the pocket knife(and save the edges!), although you could use the soldering iron to burn through it, and that is what i did after multiple tries. Now use the pocket knife to clean the edges.

Step 4: Making the Legs

Now you need to make it stand up. So take the edges from the CD, and cut them to the desired angle. you take one edge and cut it in half, then use the glue gun to stand them upright on the back of the CD. here is where tape would come in handy!

Step 5: Wiring and Taping

Now you have to attach the USB wire. you can find these on headphones. just cut the wire to your preferred length and peel the wire. Now solder these to the speaker and tape the wire down. now cut a piece of thick tape to the right size and apply to the back of it. (i recommend you drill some holes in the front of the speaker to let out more sound.) and WALLA! you have a new speaker to plug into any music device!

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