A Waterproof Energy Saving Light Bulb Made From a Recycle Plastic Bottle




This is a very easy to be made waterproof outdoor energy saving bulb.

The light can also be used as decoration lights for advertising or party if images or text are attched on the plastic bottle.

See the pictures you will understand how to make.

Details also on http://www.freelights.co.uk/bulb.html

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    1 year ago on Step 5

    I have played around with the idea of using the glass pickle jar someone on here suggested, for years. Only that even if you take led lights which generate much less heat than compact florescent, even they generate an amount of heat. They use heatsinks to draw the heat away, so whatever bulb you use, whatever material - plastic or glass - it needs to have a way to dissipate the heat out of the enclosure. Some of those led bulbs catch on fire.


    2 years ago

    My worry is the fact that those CFL bulbs can get hot from the ballast inside the 'neck' and base of the light. Some CFLs I've had get nearly too hot to touch if left on for a long time(over 5 hours). If they get that hot, I would imagine the plastic soda bottle would begin to show some signs of heat warping. Whether it would start a fire ... I can't say. Maybe if a CFL bulb was left on constantly in such a case, the bottle could warp to point that the plastic would come into direct contact with the bulb, which would increase the heat transfer, making a fire possible...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    got to find out if these Really are as non hot as to be safe to do this--i am not sure these bulbs are reall cool enough ???????????


    i'm guessing with a little more work on the lid where the wire comes in, and on the wiring it self it could be waterproof. great idea for using on the inside of a countertop greenhouse, i like it although i'm thinking that with my grow lights it maybe would melt the plastic, but y not use a glass bottle, same concept.....i'm thinking gallon pickle jar, same light set up, wire going out a small hole drilled in the lid.....i'm working on a tiered shelf growing station, i only have one small window facing south that i can use...till i get an add on built on the house....which i'm up for ideas....large bedroom with grow room in it.....but anywaya light like this would work for each shelf i'm thinking like a string of lights down the middle so i can have one timer to plug in. great idea still working on the actual plan....

    1 reply

    so i havent gotten that far yet, i found clamp lights at a thrift store and bought daylight energy efficient bulbs, for like $9 for 4 bulbs, so a little pricey, but its for the environment so be it, getting busy with seeds and transplanting so i'm guessing that the enclosed bulb thing will have to wait.....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I agree with alex-sheretskiy. Words would make an enourmous difference. What did you use to waterproof? Did you wire the bulb yourself? was it pre-wired? We will never know.....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This isn't waterproof, just rain resistant. It's only energy saving because of the bulb you happen to be using. Otherwise though, pretty cool. I'd recommend sanding the inside of the bottle with 220 grit sand paper if diffused lighting is desired. Also, if you could find one of the crates that are used to transport these bottles, you could make a pretty neat chandelier/composition, with the bottle lamps 'falling' out of the crate.

    1 reply

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    That's an interesting topic actually, that has several views. I would agree that to call something "waterproof" it needs to be able to be submerged. Although if you are talking about some thing being "waterproof" for a spefic use then this does actually quailify for an IP44 waterproof rating. It needs to be stated that it is waterproof for exterior hanging purposes though. I have seen several product baring the "waterproof exterior outlet" title which can not be submerged either.... Maybe the confusion only exists in AU. But everytime I get a product that quotes "waterproof" I always ring the supplier to qualify the "waterproof" rating with the supplier.