How to Make A23 (23AE) Battery Holder for Your Tiny Projects




Introduction: How to Make A23 (23AE) Battery Holder for Your Tiny Projects

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A23 batteries are 12 v and its size is almost half of AAA battery. So it gives chance to use it in smaller projects. Its voltage output (12 v) also an advantage to use it in arduino projects by helping 7805 5v regulator. I was made an A23 battery holder for my arduino project and it was so useful for me.

It is an easy to make project.


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Step 1: What You Need For?


- Dremel (optional)

- Knife, scissors and lighter

- Hot glue gun

- Multimeter and crocodile cables (for testing constructed slots)


- 2 x eppendorf tubes (2 ml)

- 2 x battery contacts

- 2 x multicore cables (optional: length and thickness)

- shrinkable cable

- A23 battery

- hot glue

Step 2: Prepare to Plastic Part of Battery Slots

1- Cut out to tap of eppendorf tube

2- Remove to extra plastic parts of tap

3- Make a hole in the middle of the tap for cable

4- Make some slits for best fitting of tap to other open part

5- Cut out to open part of eppendorf tube from 1.5 ml marker line

6- Combine tap and open part

7- Use hot glue to strengthen to plastic slots

Step 3: Mounting of Battery Contacts

1- Take the spiral part of battery contact, smooth out the edges and fit the edges to spiral diameter

2- Strip to cable, attach it to battery contact and pass the cable through the hole of plastic slot

3- Cover to battery slots with appropriate shrinkable cable and heat it by helping lighter

Step 4: Let's Test It!

Create two of them for negative and positive terminals of A23 battery. Plug the slots to battery and test it.

I hope it will be helpful for you.

Do it yourself.

Step 5: Full Method of How to (Video Record)

I have also prepared a video that shows construction of this A23 battery holder.

It is more understandable and short video.

Best regards.

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    3 years ago

    i use a n battery holder to use the 23a same saize


    3 years ago

    Thanks! I had forgotten about those battery types. Now am thinking of other uses in my projects that I hadn't considered yet.


    Reply 3 years ago

    You're welcome! I have been happy that prompt you for using this battery in your projects.